Equivalent to BluePrint's PrintString node?

So I know you can use GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage to display a message on screens in c++, but it does not work exactly the same as BluePrint’s PrintString. PrintString has some extra logic to it that lets it know where the message is coming form (Prefixes message with Server, or client #).


I believe that you are looking for a macro called UE_Log. Others I am sure can tell you more about it, than I can, as I tend to only delve into the macros as much as I absolutely have too, preferring to spend time writing my own code, than to mess around with macros.

There is also some information available in the wiki, such as

or here in the forums

Right click the print string node. Choose go to code definition. Call that function from c++.

Thanks! For future reference incase anyone else wants to use it:
Put the following in your project.h file:

#include "Kismet/KismetSystemLibrary.h" #define DebugText(text, bPrintToScreen, bPrintToLog, TextColor, Duration) UKismetSystemLibrary::PrintText(GetWorld(), text, bPrintToScreen, bPrintToLog, TextColor, Duration);

I should note this increases compile time significantly.