EQS Query Parameters

As you can see from the image below:

An Environment Query can have properties in its Generator and Tests set as Parameters, much like how Materials can have Parameters. So, by entering the names of these Parameters and setting their Values here, you can have one Environment Query that handles a broad range of scenarios.

There is absolutely no support on this subject anywhere. I have tried several ways to figure this out but have failed to find the correct way.

Question is, does anyone know how to use the Query Parameters feature so that I can pass in different values to my generator so that I can make my Query more versatile? Ultimately I would like to pass a float value from the Run EQS Query node to change the search radius of my generator.


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Bumping this again hoping someone will know something! Thanks

On any of the tests or generators with numeric values instead of setting a default inside the EQS parameter you can select the dropdown that says bind data I believe and type in a named param.
Then when you call the query inside the behavior tree or with the EQS test pawn the params will be auto shown in the task and have custom values set for each unique call.

There doesn’t seem to be any exposure to the query params, except in the actual test and the EQS testing pawn. Do you know know how to access the query params through the blackboard key selectors in the blueprints?

See the attached example for calling a query from the BT tree with the named params exposed.

I’ve run into the same problem.

I’m on 4.11 and the Param Name and Param Type options are always disabled.

dzeligman, what UE version are you using in the screen shot?

A modified 4.9 version. The parameters need to be defined in the query before they will auto show up in the EQS task.

Anyone is able to provide some feedback about this feature?

In 4.18 each param is bool, can’t change to other type…

I edited the source code and made the params blueprintwriteable. I was then able to manually define param names and link blackboard keys to the,

Because google coughed up this thread when I was googling for an answer. If you’re struggling like me and find this thread, if you change parameters to query params after adding the query to the behaviour tree it won’t update automatically. You have to re-drag the query onto the node data and it will update to show the new query config then.