EQS : PathingGrid : Missing points of 'detached' nav mesh 'segment'


I’m trying to make an EQS query that gets the best position on the navmesh around a target for my RANGE AI to go to. So it actually doesnt need to get to it, it just needs a location on the navmesh.

This is a bit hard to present, please look at the picture below at the same time.

  • The entire nav mesh is made of ‘segments’ A and B. A and B are detached from each other (no way of going from one to another).
  • My EQS target is on segment A.
  • Problem: It only gets points on segment A.
  • I Want: It to also get points on segment B (and every other).
  • Question: how do i make my EQS PathingGrid consider all nav mesh segments?

Precision: segment B is within the configured “Project Up” and “Project Down” parameters.

Thank you for time and help <3