EQS - How do I use PathingGrid to make my AI roam at random?

Hi all, I’ve set up some AI in a similar way to the quick start guide for the EQS system here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/AI/EnvironmentQuerySystem/QuickStart/index.html

After doing this, I figured I’d also add some more life-like behaviour so I’d like to set up my AI to roam at random whilst not fleeing before, further down the line, asking my AI to choose a location from a selection of suitable places they’d like to visit.

Currently, I have extended the BT from that in the QuickStart guide to perform the below if the ActorToFleeFrom is unset.

Here’s my primitive EQ that I would like to extend to select a location for my AI to travel to:

And finally, here’s where my AI wanders off to at the start of each game before disregarding everything else he should be doing:

As my aim is to have the AI be able to wisely choose where they want to go but if they have no idea where to go then they should wander at random, it seems wise to make them perform the random wandering to begin with. Any ideas how to approach that through the EQS?