EQS Filter doesn't really filter anything

So I’m currently setting up AI for an RTS style game and after trying over and over to set the EQS filters properly I have no idea what I’m doing wrong or if I’m even using the system properly. I watched the live stream video about t and read the doc but I can’t figure out how to fix this issue. This is basically what I need:

I need a service in my behavior tree that checks if an enemy (in this case a player controlled unit or building) is within the aggro range of the AI:
The querry is basically set up as in the image. I’m looking for any Actor withing 2000 units, then I need a filter to only look for actors with one of four possible gameplay tags (these tags are for player controlled units/buildings). And the last filter should be a distance check that gives me the closest unit that has one of the tags.

Setting the Tags up was the first problem, because this only works usingh C++ but the tags are working properly now. However the filter doesnt work. The filter ist set up to look for ANY of these four tags. However the EQS debug nodes don’t fail the test and the distance score applys to everything. When I set the GameplayTags Filter to Score instead of filter it properly adds a scoring value of 1 to everything with the tag. The distance filter than adds another 1 on top. So everything with the Tag can score to up to 2 and everything else up to 1 but I need everything without the tags to be filtered out completly. Even a score of 0 would declare one of the actors as the winner if no enemy with a tag is around. So the fist filter in that list (GameplayTags) should get rid of everything that doesn’t have one of the Tags, then the second filter should give me the closest actor.

Using the filter&scoring setting I can get it to properly find an enemy when an enemy is around because everything with the tags can score higher but when no actor with a tag is around it still declares one winner, which breaks the AI because the AI can’t attack anything but the enemy.

Well, one kind of workaround for this is to use a composite generator and put three ActorsofClass generators into it. This way I get the behavior I need without the tags but I also need to know if a building has hit points left. Using Tags, I could remove the Tag if a building doesn’t have hit points left. So I’m still stuck with this system.

Bump on this - the system does not filter out actors that fail the tags checks for the query result.