EQS Custom Generator Question


i followed a Tutorial to make a EQS Custom Generator , but i dont have the same result.
I have the Point around my pawn, but i want to use it for my AI to cover from me ^^

Here is the EQS_Generator:

Variable Radius is: 500

This is the Tutorial what i used:

[Youtube Link][3]

How i can fix it?

Hi, if I understood you correctly, then you don’t want those points directly around the player pawn.

For that you can add the player pawn to the ignore actors in your linetrace or use a collision channel that the player pawn is ignoring or check that what your line trace has hit is not the player pawn. What you’re doing inside your generator is sampling points inside a radius around the player and then tracing to the player using the visibility channel for collision. If your player pawn is not ignored by the trace and blocks the visibility channel (which it really should, otherwise AI sight perception won’t detect it, default collision channel AI sight uses is visibility), then the line trace will hit the player pawn and you add it to “LocationsOut”.

Ahh ok Thanks :slight_smile: Very Helpful