Epic skeleton - blender template?

Hello everyone, has someone working blender skeleton template for ue4?
Could someone share such file?

I spent over 20 hours deconstructing and constructing ue4 skel in blender however when i retarget animations it pretty bad mess.

Or if someone can share workflow how you guys doing models or animations for marketplace… i dont intend to make marketplace content but i want to make a lot of characters and animations for my game and in future i want to work with another animators and character artists so i want to make rig and animations that will be compatible with each other…

Okay i got this working.
Thanks to this addon: http://www.lluisgarcia.es/ue-tools-addon/

It ships correct UE skeleton very easily (+ i recommend to check tutorial for this addon).

Unfortunately that addon seem to not be updating with latest versions of UE, so. I tried it with the 4.18 and it was a total mess. Nothing worked as intended.

It’s working fine for me.

You have to export the blender mesh as an fbx and when you import it into Unreal you will see bunch of options including angle of the mesh to include animations etc ! then you can put it into the market place.

Or as a blender artist it would be better to sell on “BlendSwap” it is for selling .blend files with ease :slight_smile:

You may try this.