Epic should answer emails.

Over a month ago my contact in the submission process just stopped returning my emails. I have sent 3 or 4 emails since trying to see what is going on but received nothing in return. I used epic’s fancy new support portal and sent another email and got no contact back. What is the point of allowing people to email support if we never get an answer?

We, as in my small LLC, have people wishing to purchase our asset on the MP, but they can’t because nobody at epic will answer any form of correspondence from me. We are doing fine with sales on itch.io, but there are still those that rightly wish to purchase from the MP. I fully realize that epic doesn’t care that much about the lost 30% profit from what we have done elsewhere, but yall should care about customer support and communication with developers that want to sell on your platform.

Even an email saying, “Hey, we are super busy, we got your fixed submission and will get to it when we can”, would be great for me to pass through to potential customers wishing to know what is going on with the MP submission. All I can tell them right now is that Epic hasn’t emailed me back since May 4, after I responded to a direct email from my submission contact.

If this were a petition, I’d sign it in an instant. Been struggling with a submission ticket for ages. It’s been almost 3 months since I made it and literally 2 since I sent the files.

Ive gone through the same process many many times, so Ive always contacted either Steph or Adam, generally they will get back to you in a decent amount of time.

I agree. All we’re asking for is an acknowledgement and status update. Otherwise, people feel ignored and annoyed.

I get this a lot, but actually have had something even stranger lately. I’ll get two different people responding to my initial ticket. One of them will resolve the ticket, while the other gives me nonsensical reasons why it can’t be resolved. After My submission is fixed, about a week later, a third person will jump in as if they only got the first email. Meanwhile the second person will keep asking me to do weird things like update my payout info.

It seems that there at Epic Games there must be something wrong going on. They need to fix things up to avoid things like that.
I read of delays on the marketplace to allow discounts and delays of approving new packages.
There are critical bug fixes already fixed on answerhub for bugs in 4.16.0 and 4.16.1 that have 4.17 as the fix target instead of 4.16.2 and that doesn’t make any sense either.

The thing is, the guy we had contact with was sending regular communication while we cleaned up the few things they wanted to change. Then when we did our second submission with all the changes he never confirmed he received it or ever responded after that. So like 7 regular emails then nothing… lol.

I mean, I don’t think I offended anybody :(. Pls, epic, post if you are ok.

Same experience over here. My submission has been approved, staged for over seven weeks now.
Within the span of the seven weeks, I’ve provided updates for the engine updates, and politely asked for a brief update on the staging process and queue twice… without any sign of life since the original approval email seven weeks ago.
Not sure what’s going on or what I should do. What can we do?

Too many submissions…
I’m not bothering submit anything new because of this, there’s just too much stuff being sent and they have a truck of stuff to release nowadays.

This was perfect. Thanks.

It would be nice for them to remove the stuff that doesn’t really sell, or rent a slot for x amount of months, or set a sales goal target for asset types quarterly. Just to dump it if its failed. Also people would keep up with updating their content. As some stuff has sat in the MP forever, and I honestly cant see anyone purchasing those things. “Shall not mention there names.” The Mp needs a cleanup TBH. The MP shouldn’t turn into an everything goes app store. Thank god there are filters, and categories. Some of those said assets should be forced bundles. As I don’t think of the MP as a buy the singles track Itunes store for music either. My old man used to say. “Take a dump, or get off the pot.”

It punishes some of the “Celebrity Creators” also.If you ask me I think they should allow a scrolling system for some of the ones that create a lot.
Or are often featured. Just to Steer people towards the better content.
Almost like a playlist for ironbelly, dokyo, polypixel, community picks etc.
I was looking at putting a package together, but I would hope it wouldn’t take a month to review.
Right now I’m in between 4 projects. I’m making a game for my mothers 60th Birthday Party. Spare time.
I started a free. Easter egg project. For a hidden in game easter egg.
I also have a modular system thats in the works for one of my games, but I may drop it into the MP.
Then there’s the big one.

Don’t worry, it won’t! It’ll take 3+.

how do you check your emails on this