Epic Please Reply


I am sorry that I have to open a new thread for this again, but I feel this is the only reliable way to get a response from Epic.
So almost a week ago I sent an email to Epic (replying to the old email chain) and asked them to update my marketplace item (Multiplayer FPS Kit).
After I sent the email I got a confirmation email as usual but this time it said something about that they’d thank me for a new submission. (?)

The last time I published an update I got a response only few hours later, and now that it’s almost a week again I guess something went wrong there…

That’s nothing. We submitted our “Hands for VR: Basic” in January.
It was declined for more or less understandable reasons, we fixed issues, and it was resubmitted. At then end of Janaury. Never heard back - it is now March 16th. Yay Epic… wants us to provide more Marketplace assets in the future. Not.

Hey Fluppi393,

I have responded to your email. We do have your updates in our queue for today. I apologize for the wait. If you have not received a reply from our staff within 3-5 business days, you can always send a PM to me direct on the forums. I will gladly look into your request for you.

Hi Btengelh!

I was able to locate you last email with you files and have sent these over to our review team to look over as soon as possible. For future submissions, please follow the guidelines to re-submitting your content if the item was rejected. This will allow your content to re-enter the pipeline for review. Also, you can reach me the same way through PM if you have not heard back from your last reply within 3-5 business days.



Alright update is live, thank you!

Hello Reubitron,

thank you very much. I was contacted and hope it’ll be ok now.


Don’t want to start up a new thread, because I have the same hard times getting any answer from Epic, so I’ll try to ask here. I believe they are busy with GDC and other stuff now, but sure they need a better support.

I have a question about 100$ payment bottom limit, if I got more than 100$ per month, but after the Revenue split, the amount is bacame less than 100$, will be I paid in that month or not? Or 100$ limit is considering before Revenue split?


Hey Teho!

I believe the wording regarding payments says the amount owed to you, so that would be after the 30% is taken out.

Thanks for the reply, SE_JonF.
In that case if next month I’ll get more than 100$ after Revenue split, what will be with amount in month before? It will be paid at the end of the year only? And it will be paid by the sum of all months where revenue was < 100$ I guess right?

I’m not entirely certain, but I would imagine once the total amount owed to you by Epic reaches $100 then they will pay you. So if you earn $50 in January, and $50 in February, you should be paid $100 in April. =)

that sounds logic. Will be awesome if somebody from the staff will cleared about that. Thanks anyway!

Happy to help! I’m 99% sure that’s how it would work based on the writing. Particularly the mention of an accumulated account balance. =)

SE_JonF, hey man, you was right, I got accumulated payment e-mail, but didn’t get any payment to my PayPal account in that month. So it’s a very strange, of course Epic is not answering with support, it’s a little frustrating.

Actually there is no room for interpretation here. It says “payment due to you”. Maybe because you can find the information somewhere else the response is taking longer.

Is there any other method to bring Marketplace’s support team to notice? :slight_smile:
Because I got 11th April Payment e-mail and still didn’t get actual Payment to my PayPal account… And it is accumulated.

You might not get paid for up to 45 days after the sales period (If your statement was for the month of April, you might not get paid until June).

I got email on April 11th for the period of February 1-29, 2016. :frowning:

Dunno should I wait or start a new thread to bump an attention? Or Epic’s staff is reading it? It’s going another week and I’m sad with lack of support :frowning: