Epic Online Services and OnlineSubsystem - Port Forwarding

I’m currently working on some networked project. I focused on gameplay and it’s working good but I’m totaly green in matter of connections, matchmaking and sessions. For now I used open mapname?listen and then open host ip on client. That works well in LAN but with private IPs I need to use something like Hamachi’s LogMeIn for port forwarding so players outside my network can see me. Its ok for development but unforgivable for release version. So thats why my question comes from.
For now I don’t need friends/authentication and all that stuff. I just want to be able to look for matches and connect players without need for 3rd party tool.

  1. [OnlineSubsystems] I know that there is build in solution - online subsytem - for creating and joining sessions but is it possible to create those sessions so it will be publicly listed for players from another network?
  2. [Epic Online Services] I’m having hard time looking answer if EOS’s mathmaking lists games publicly. Is it possible to use EOS for what I want to achive? Or is it just backend that I can use but to list games in WAN I would still need some hosting services?
    Thanks in advance for your time and answers! Have a good day

Epic Online Services does what you are looking for. I used it in multiple projects to get that: making possible for users to connect each other not depending on router configurations, Hamachi, or anything like that.

Here you have some documentation about it:

As far as I understand, you will open a connection to EOS Backend, and it will let you know when a peer wants to connect to you, and when that happens, you, as host, will start listening for that incoming connection request.