Epic MegaJam Results with Michael Allar, October 22 - Live from Epic HQ


The team has been heads down cranking through the HUGE list of submissions (over 170 qualifying!) for the Epic MegaJam.

Judging has been very, very difficult this time around, as the number of stellar games is ridiculous. Thursday, We’ll be announcing the winners for the Epic and Allegorithmic prizes, and it’s also looking like we’ll have all the info collected in time to do the drawings! If you participated, you won’t want to miss it.

If you didn’t catch Michael Allar’s epic weekend+ of over 60 hours of live streaming, feel free to take a peek at his past broadcasts. Looking for a particular game? Tinkurit/Psychodox has got you covered with this amazing spreadsheet breakdown of when they’re played. Allar’s plane is in the air, and you can expect him live with us on set as well.

We’re blown away by all the projects that came from this jam and are excited to share highlights and the winners with you all.

Thursday, Oct. 22 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](https://twitter/iveytron)
Michael Allar - Hero of the People - @MichaelAllar](://twitter/MichaelAllar)
Alexander Paschall - Engine Support Tech - @UnrealAlexander](://twitter/UnrealAlexander)

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available **here


Are all the ‘Qualifying’ entries listed in the MegaJam thread?

The most awesome stream ever!

Michael Allar - Hero of the People

dude, ya can’t beat that now!

btw… did he insist on being billed above Alexander? lol :wink:

Haha, in all honesty, I normally put them in order of how we plan on sitting so it’s easier for the video team :wink:


Also, the plaid game this stream will be stronger than ever before.

I’ll probably wear two myself

This is going to be a stream of ​Epic proportions.

It’ll be an awesome stream! Can’t wait!

Yeah, i just want to say thanks for playing through all the games (mine included) was awesome to get feedback!

Looking forward to this stream! :smiley:

Editing a 170+ video has been a treat :smiley:

Was a great Jam to participate! This will be interesting!

So will this stream be a bit longer than normal?

I slid down the Epic slide, yo. It is colder and harder than you think.

lol @ Allar

when I saw this post earlier, I was actually wondering if you were going to go down the Epic Slide!

they should have made a video! Allar comes to Epic Town! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the stream hoping to be back from work on time!

Looking forward to the stream :).
This is gonna be fun!

Can feel the excitement & intensity for this event building from down here.

HYPE Meter is off the scale! :cool:

I will be disappointed if thats not his actual title on the screen overlay today. Make sure to instruct Clint properly :smiley:

Gotta be hard to beat Ian’s last two training streams, but the Chance is there :wink:

“Oh my god, is this finally the last clip to add?” poor guy in front of video-editing-tool dies