Epic MegaJam! Oct. 6-13th, 2016

Hey there, located in Kassel here and also looking for a team. I can provide pizzas and snacks! :slight_smile:

Since it’s in October, there’s a special genre close to my heart that I hope to twist the theme into so I’ll finally be in my element in a game jam for once hehe.

Do you have to “register” your team in advance, like last year?

I’m definitely feeling this. Last year was so much fun!

If anybody needs a C++ Programmer, Tech Artist or FX Artist hit me up! Multiplayer / Battle Arena is always fun!

Am up for a challenge :stuck_out_tongue: Meck-Pom here.

Hey, I’m searching for a team as well! I just finished my first UE4 monthly GameJam with a VR entry.

I’m a C++ Programmer and also able to quickly work with Blueprints. Sadly, for the Mega-Jam, I will be out on the 8th and 9th because of a family event. Nonetheless, during the rest of the jam I’m available and eager to create a great game!

So if any team out there searches for a programmer/blueprinter for the jam, I’d love to hear from you! Just throw a PM my way :slight_smile:

I’m in, just need to book some time off work.

Definitely excited for this, and also completely horrified; I’m so new to all of this…

Still, nothing like a really, really short deadline to get you to learn things quickly, eh?

Looking for people to join my team!

3d models
Single game I am working on alone:

cant wait for it

Hopefully Canadian Thanksgiving won’t get in the way too much but I did take the whole week off from work, I must defend my title.

Looking forward to participating!
This’ll be jam number two ( jam one was the unreal slackers #botsaysjam ).

Looking forward to learning even more about the engine in the process after seeing how much the last jam taught~

Im looking forward to this as well, now i just need a team.

Im a Programmer/Blueprinter with some modeling skills and i have about 2 years of UE4 experience so if anyone is searching for a Programmer/Blueprinter feel free to message me.

Can you start with existing code/assets you’ve already made or are we expected to do everything within the 1 week? (I’m guessing you can because how would you be able to enforce this rule?)

Want to join my team Moep?

Sounds fun, I’m in. :cool:

Looks like you have to PM Alexander:

It’s not a requirement to pre-register, that just helps us plan for it better. All you have to do to enter is submit a link within the contest period to the submission forum thread.

EDIT: But to pre-register go ahead and PM me with your team name and size. I’m adding the ones I already have soon.

The start of my play-through stream won’t happen until the night of the 15th / morning of the 16th due to overlap with Steam Dev Days.

I can program the game and would love to sign up for this. Any artists or modellers want to team up with me?

I’ll be getting married or something, so I’m out for this one. Good luck to all who join! Make sure to sleep!