Epic MegaJam Game Thread

“A shadow has shrouded the night sky in darkness, draining the stars of their light. Weakened, they fall to the earth, unable to resist the darkness. All except one.”

Collect the fallen stars. Defeat the shadows and return your fallen sisters and brothers back to the night sky.

Team name: Peanut Rangers
Title: Starlight


WASD - movement
LMB - basic attack
Q & E - special attacks
SPACE - jump
ESCAPE - pause

Defeated enemies sometimes drop light charges which heal you and give you special charge when picked up.

DOWNLOAD: - Google Drive

Name: Battle Kart
**Download Link: **Battle Kart by trencorn
Video Link:
Team: Curtis Zuehls, Jake Labeots, Trent Cornwell, Grabe Ruiz, and Karen Ruiz

**Objective: **Be the last player standing

Battle Kart is a multiplayer splitscreen game that has you battle against your friends to be the last kart standing! Pick up powers from the glowing pools on the map to augment your kart. Each player can have two powers they can cycle between.

Controller Controls
**Bottom Face Button: **Acceleration
Left Face Button: Brake
Top Face Button: Look behind
**Left Thumbstick: **Steer

**Right Bumper: **Use Power
Right Face Button:Swap Power
Left Thumbstick Press: Jump
**Left Bumper: **Handbrake

Keyboard Controls
**W: **Acceleration
A: Steer Left
S: Brake
**D: **Steer Right
Q: Look behind

**E: **Use Power
R:Swap Power
Space: Jump
**Left Control: **Handbrake

Disclosed Content
Laser Sounds (c) by Michel Baradari:
Music by Alex Colgan: Stream Toothface music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
Low Poly Series - Caverns from the Marketplace

Gameplay Instructions
One player has to be on keyboard the rest should play on controllers.
Tab on keyboard or back button on controller to view control setup.
Pick powers up from the glowing power pools.
When players die they wont respawn until someone is the last player standing. Then when the next round starts everyone will respawn.

I attempted to make a game based on SamHain the original Halloween, where you were suppose to keep your lantern going until you got home, while solving the death of a spirit. I figured there was more interest in forming a group, ended up just doing this one solo. Meh, stuff happens I guess.

WASD - Change forward direction
Space - Jump
Arrows - Turn

Download the Game here:

First time I’ve actually made a game instead of just messed around in the editor. It ended up being a lot shorter than I wanted it to be, but I learned a lot. Pick up and place lights to get through the level

Team: Yogurt
Game: Shores
Download: Shores by Yogurt
Video:Shores - YouTube
Gameplay: You can only stand on areas that are lit up. Pick up and place lights to get to the end
WASD+Mouse/Analog sticks to move and look around
E/Left Click/Left Face Button/Right Trigger to pick up and place lights
Space/A to jump

Assets made before the jam: It was based on the FPS example project and uses the glass and burnished steel materials from the starter content as well as the red crosshair from the fps example.

I ended up being sick the whole way through the Jam and didn’t finish but I still learned so much trying to make a 3D zero gravity platformer. Congratulations to all those people who made it through the Jam, looking forward to seeing your great creations and I can’t wait to join you all again next time.

Ray The Robot

Information - A 3rd person VR platformer game. Developed for the Oculus Rift + Touch. This was my first Epic Games MegaJam, I’m very proud of what I’ve created and I hope you all enjoy it!
**Team **- Matthew Palaje
1 Member - Matthew Palaje
**Download links: **
Google drive - - Google Drive
Itch IO -
Disclosed Content - The song in the game was created by Raymond Cripps, I got his permission to use it. All other content for the game was created by myself.

Screen shots:


Title: **Hopeless

Team Name: GoodBye Games
**Team Members (5): **Joachim Holseter, Fredrik Grøslie, Robin Gjelsvik, Robin Henriksen, Johnny Anseth

**Download Link: **…WV?usp=sharing

Game walkthrough:

About the game:
Take part in a risky space mission that puts you on an alien planet.
Hope is what makes you keep on going.
Even though all hope seems lost, there might still be a way to get back home.
Never give up on yourself, keep on going no matter what!


Spaceship Controls:**
W: Thrust forward
A, D: Roll
Mouse Y: Pitch
Mouse X: Yaw

Ground Movement:
W,A,S,D: Movement
Space: Jump
**F, E: **Interact
Mouse: Look

Disclosed Content:
Bebot app - Johannes Bornlöf
Ultimate Game Music Collection - Unity Asset Store


Title**: Deep Sea Fighter

Download link: Here

About the game:
It is a game about the Angler Fish!
You need to survive in an fish figth inside a subsea arena. You will discover the 3 type of fish fighter into the 5 waves that we make.
Your goal is to figth them to death, eat their meat so you can “supply your own ligtht”.

Will you get to the end? Watch on the left side of the screen there is a score mutilplier if you fight fast you get more point and a better score!

If you have a gamepad, it is recommended.

W,A,S,D to move
Left Mouse to bite
Right Mouse to do a Spin Attack
Space to Dash

Hey guys! Here’s our 1st Epic Jam submission. We are a team of 2 artists and it’s the 1st time we made a game without a programmer, so it was quite an experience!


Philip Tyrer (Level Design/ 3D Modelling/ Sound)
Abey Miranda (Programming/ 3D Modelling/ Animation/ Shaders)

Gameplay Instructions:

Make your way up to the tower, using your Flame to light lanterns (checkpoints) on the way.
Beware of patrolling enemies as they will chase you and extinguish your Flame. But all is not lost, you can make your way back to the last checkpoint to re-light your flame.
Patrolling enemies don’t bother you in the dark, but be careful of spirits who can take you to the dark side if you rush back to a checkpoint.
Use your Blink ability to escape enemies and reach higher ground.



  • Hold RIGHTCLICK to initiate blink aim and bullet time, LEFTCLICK to blink while aiming.
  • SPACE is jump and climb up while ledge-clinging. Holding a direction and pressing jump will jump across while ledge-clinging.
  • CTRL releases ledge cling.


  • LEFTTRIGGER to initiate blink aim and bullet time, RIGHTTRIGGER to blink while aiming.
  • A is jump and climb up while ledge-clinging. Holding a direction and pressing jump will jump across while ledge-clinging.
  • B releases ledge cling.


Title: False Prophets

Download link:…iOcEOek9sf7FJQ

2-Player Arena Conversion Simulator
(2 gamepads required!)

Controls for Xbox Controler:
use left analog to walk around
press A to cast attracting apell when mana meter is above 50% (hold for greater range)
press B to leave blocking “spiritual” wall.

Collect purple mana glyphs to replenish mana.
Lead the sinners to your Sigil.
Collect 8 sinners to win over the Rival Prophet!

Created by: The Ovid Team (4 ppl)

All assets were created during the mega jam except:


  • Timeless by Manfred Klein,
  • Espresso Dolce by Peter Wiegel
  • Optimus Princeps by Manfred Klein
  • Angelic Font.

Music for trailer:

  • A Dark Hopeful Ambience - by Patrick Lieberkind (


Name: Molla Shine - VR only game (Oculus Rift + Touch or HTC Vive)
Download Link: Molla Shine (VR) by JumbliVR
Video Link:
**Team Name: **JumbliVR
Members: Brett Jackson

I tried to do something that represented the meaning behind the theme quote. It’s about helping bugs that have a strong purpose in life to reach their potential within their 1 minute lifespan. Dance against them, race against them and avoid the ones that chase you. Your objective is to bring the best of out them and encourage the Queen to select a mate.

You control the rotation of your bug using the the position of your hands relative to each other. This gives 6DoF control, should be more intuitive than thumbsticks and provides very fluid flying movement of your bug. Trigger controls acceleration.

Disclosed Content
1 backround ambient sound from Oculus Audio Pack
VR Hands from Epic VR Template

Name: Elan
Team Name: Team Elan
**Members: **Josh, VisceralBowl, Defaultsound, ZomboJoe, Chris Kruger

**Controls: **

Character View

WASD - Movement
RMB - Aim
LMB - Fire
Spacebar - Jump
C - RTS mode toggle

RTS Mode
WASD - Movement
LMB - Place building/interact/select
RMB - Cancel Building placement
Backspace - Reset Camera
Numpad +/- - Raise or lower Camera height

Disclosed Content: Pro Sound pack for some of the sound effects.

PLEASE READ: This project was totally complete 4 hours prior to the deadline. However, as soon as I tried to package, I was hit by this bug…queued-on.html. The editor absolutely refused to package the project. I tried all known fixes to no avail. But after several more hours of trying this morning, it finally just worked. So I’m super bummed I didn’t make it in time for the Jam, not because I wanted to win any prizes, but just because I was excited for you to play this game which I really put a lot of love into. So if you’re reading this and have some time, please give this a play, I promise it will be fun. And if anyone from Epic is reading this, maybe I can at least make the highlight reel? Thanks!

TITLE: Knight’s Lights

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

TEAM: Nerdsbeware
MEMBERS: David McLaughlin (Solo Developer)

CONCEPT: The sun is dying… The light is fading… A mysterious evil descends upon the land once again. It is up to you to turn back the tide of darkness and restore light to the land; as many other before you have tried. Turn the lights back on, weary traveller.

-Take control of Knight Bulb and fight against the forces of darkness
-An intense action adventure experience inspired by the Souls series of games
-A unique cel-shaded look
-All combat animations and other unique animations were done directly in Unreal Engine, using tools such as the Control Rig Sequencer, in under a day

-Starter Content
-Anim Starter Pack
-Amplify LUT Pack
-Footstep and Foley Sounds
-Game Music Mega Pack
-Outline Post Process uses some premade material functions
-Substance Share/Substance Source for a few textures
-Some Images from
-Sky Texture from

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Hey guys check our Jam submission.
Its an adventure game for Oculus (didnt test it on vive)

Light from the Inside.

-Skier movement type or gorn movement type. Press X,A and drag yourself any direction.
-To crouch - sit down in life))
-Light your way by moving
-Follow the light)


Feel free to write you opinion about the game on Youtube or here!
Google Photos

“And go get some sleep”
You can say that again! :slight_smile: I just barely made submission, stayed up literally all night trying to package it, got zero sleep and was able to send it in just before leaving for work!

I developed this game by myself, and my brother Aaron Rhoades made the music during the Epic MegaJam. All assets (except the basic floor and wall meshes) were made by me. 11 of 30 static meshes were made before the jam. The human skeletal mesh + animations were also made before the jam (although I added his flashlight for this game).
I also recorded sound effects and voices (my kids voices :P) for the ghosts, though these SFX were made before the jam as well.

I was pretty happy with the results, given that I only had a week to do all of this! I hope to work on this game a bit more to polish it, and then maybe release on the app store/Google play.

P.S. It’s both very inspiring and slight intimidating to see all of your entrires! Thank you Epic Games for this opportunity/experience!

Game Download Link:…FQGB0HdFCc2C5e

Here’s some gameplay from this project!

**- Spoiler Warning - **Don’t watch the gameplay clip if you want to fully enjoy the discovery / exploration aspect of the game.

**Title: **Woods Of Blah

**Team Name:**Nuldrums
**Members (1): **Troy Maynard

**Link: **…dRkPgnaWa?dl=0

**Controls: **
**Move: **WASD // Left Joystick
**Interact: **E, J, or Enter // X button, Y Button or B Button
Jump: Space // A Button

Concept: The inhabitants of the Woods of Blah were once avid creators. They have lost their tools and need them to return to the joy of creating and break their spell of pure unadulterated boredom.

Disclosed Content:

  • All but 1 of the trees are from the Polygon Knights Pack by Synty Studios off the Marketplace
  • The 2 fonts were free downloads
  • The water splash, footstep and wind sounds were pulled from an old project

**Full Playthrough Video (10 minutes): **

This is in case someone gets stuck or lost but is still interested in seeing the rest of the dialogue / story.


Game: **Kaiya, Goddess of the Moon

Team Name: MCKV

Team Size: 5

**Disclosed Assets: **Everything was made by us except for the background music.

Oculus + Touch only, sit down on a chair comfortably! Press Trigger while looking forward to reset view.
Left Analog Stick to move, Right “A” Button to Attack/Interact
Use motion controllers to block bullets in physical space

**Description: **The game depicts a girl, Kaiya, with her moon deity guardian working together to defeat darkness and using light to solve puzzles. A top-down RPG VR game.

**Download Link (Oculus Only): **
Video: Kaiya -Goddess of the Moon _ MCKV.mp4 - Google Drive

A light in the dark - made by team WolfFlare

powerforce - coder, game designer
dhose - coder, game designer
shayade -modeler
mind.set.go - sound designer

When the jam ended we sent other version. This is the game after fixing stuff.

Will continue streaming in about an hour of all gamejam submissions: Twitch