Epic Marketplace + Github - Easy workflow for user-created plugins


Been away for a while with other projects and noticed that the Epic marketplace is gaining a lot more traction which is AWESOME.

One thing which came to mind and I found a thread started about it was Distributing source code with user-created plugins?

I think that if Epic could streamline the process for developers to link marketplace content to github (or other source management providers) similar to how UE4 was initially done via subscription (before @TimSweeney decided to give UE4 away for free (Thanks Tim!)) this would help a lot of users to be able to collaborate with each other and build a stronger community.

For example, developers who are using the RTS toolkit would like to be able to have multiplayer support, but the developer is too busy at the moment, so by being able to release their source on github to paying customers who may have the time to implement the necessary changes, everyone benefits.


It’s a good idea!


And why no add the code of the plugin downloaded from the marketplace in a zip with the plugin in the same folder?
The plugin author doesn’t will be all days making updates/changes to the plugin, you only need the code of the released version.
And with that system Epic need host UE4 code + the virtual forks of each user + the code of each marketplace item + the vitual fork of each user with that plugin, that is insane.

In the contrary @Hevedy, using Github will free Epic for managing the source code: its the core job of Github, and way better than a ZIP file!

(By the way, git forks are cheap, and will happen only for users who wants to make some changes AND share those changes)