Epic Launcher LITE - For updating or downloading assets, engine and a vault with filters

Hi there!

Me and my team used ue3 and using ue4 for a long time. We love epic and we played unreal tournament a lot when we were young. It is not wrong to say that i am one of the many hardcore epic fans out there.

I know many of us have some trouble with epic games launcher specially unreal marketplace since it is slow, can’t resize window and it freeze when you click on an asset’s picture to zoom so we all use web browser for marketplace and open our projects from their .uproject executable or command line. But when you need to download an asset from vault or to update engine/assets/plugins, we need to open epic games launcher. Well for two days i couln’t open it and it is frustrating since i have tons of work done in our project.

If there were a version of launcher with just vault and engine versions, we would speed up our workflow. Also filters for vault would be great… We have hard time finding something since we got more than 1000 assets.

Please make a lite version for daily routine of developers!

I am agree. Category system are extremely needed in library/ vault

yea. same here. Loading 1000 of assets is a nightmare. Having Category and maybe additional option “Favorites” would make a big difference.

Is there any hope to get some organizational/sorting tools w/in the Epic Games Launcher Library besides search by name? Something like tags (e.g. market place tags), tabs, or folders might be very helpful. I have 4-full screens lengths of “inventory” listed alphabetically. Some assets are freebies while others are purchased. This clutter is especially problematic if mega-scans (awesome & thx, btw) are going to be listed there as well (Bridge prob provides some relief here, I think). Some assets are “add to project” while others are “create project” or “install to engine,” so diff use cases could be sorted as well…

Definitely, we can create some widgets for editor in late updates so maybe something like that can be implemented to epic games launcher where developers can script more functionality to laucnher therefore we can create our own filters etc. and share with other developers too

So i am not saying Epic should do the work, i just want a way to improve our workflow a bit.

bridge still doesnt work i have to redo my gods ■■■■ password and recover and change everytime i want to use this piece a ■■■■ program to get one quixel asset versus a 30 gb pack to get one item out ofit… im just aobut at the next game engine stage

Yes, it’s really needed. Here is also a topic with concrete filter and sorting ideas which would be helpul:

Add ability to search for updated assets. Now all you get is an exclamation point with no way to find the assets that have an update besides scrolling through your list.

in short the UI for bought marketplace products is just trash :smiley:

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