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    [LAUNCHER] Library [Vault] Sorting & Filter Options

    With the evolution of the Epic Launcher to include a game store and beyond. Its getting near the time where an indepth sorting function for the UE Library would prove useful, now that we have monthly free releases and a substantial amount of content in the UE Store.

    Possible Sorting Functions:
    • Sort by Alphabet
    • Sort by Recently Updated
    • Sort by Recent Purchases/Additions
    • Sort by Recent Installation
    • Sort by Engine Compatibility
    In addition to sorting, the ability to filter by Category would be helpful. Ex: Props/Meshes, Audio/Music, Animation, etc. Pretty much the filters applied by the creator in the Store, should be filtered in the Vault.
    Current Project: Shadow Over Isolation

    This would be very useful. My Vault is growing at a very fast pace (over 130). right now its just a wall of stuff.
    Would also be helpful to have a way to organize the "My Projects" as well


      I'd also like the ability to filter cached items, so it's easier to delete local content.


        I would love to be able to organize my asset packs with custom categories (or something like folders) so i can sort them myself.


          I'm also hoping for an eventual addition if some sort of filter or, preferably, a sectional system like the Steam games library where I can make sub-sections and put certain UE assets into custom categories.


            A redesign with these kinds of features is in the works. I have no information on the timing of it rolling out, however.