Epic is forcing players (and developers) in the Microsoft Windows Ecosystem

One of the things I notice in the Epic Games Store Trello is the fact that Linux Support is nowhere to be seen, they are working in a lot of cool features and even in an Android store app, but Linux got ditch out entirely. At least Valve is working in Linux support and compatibility with stuff like Proton and what not, and what I don’t like of this is that Epic is forcing costumers to use Windows, an insecure, full of spyware (Microsoft spyware), system. Not only that but from long term, the Unreal Engine has been quite hard to deploy in Linux systems, including the fact that plugins can’t be installed because all plugins are added from the EGS Launcher, making it hard to use things like IDEs, if Epic Games has a company really cares about game developers, they not only need to do stuff like the 12/88 % revenue split, they also need to covert stuff like this, a lot of cool exclusive games are only available in the EGS, which is Windows Exclusive and that is something wrong

I would think, given that a number of the games that are going to be on there likely have Linux support that they would want to add it at some point. It’s probably not a priority though given they still need to add many features and Linux is a small number of users.

I don’t like epic policy and some game dev policy, for example rocket league have a native linux support, but it will be exclusive in epic games store without linux support. What now? As long as I have my game on Steam I’m allowed to play, but do I have a updates for my platform in the future? I understand that there is very small linux native gamers compared to windows gamers, but I think you should threat your customers the same way, especially when linux port was present from last few years. I don’t expect from epic to implement proton or other cool stuff. Just to have possibility to download a linux game port if it’s available.

Microsoft spyware??? What are you talking about dude! Hitting the backspace key and having your sentences shipped off to Redmond secretly isn’t spyware -WTF??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Had hoped GDPR would put a stop to this BS. But there’s just huge apathy / indifference, not just here on these forums but everywhere. There’s a certain feeling of inevitability to it all. How does Microsoft still have an almost universal lock on bundled OS distribution channels… Who even offers Linux pre-installed today: Acer / Asus / MSI / HP / Lenovo? Dell is the only one that did (in ‘some’ markets anyway).

A couple of years ago, Sweeney was taking strips out of Microsoft publicly. That’s all over, and its back to business as usual now… Its hard to see what has to change… The 3% market share is a definite barrier to change…

Epic is a business.
Most people that own a PC use Windows.
Why should a company really care about a niche like Linux?

We will eventually get a linux launcher. All of technology is moving forward. Enjoy the golden age of tech. Years ago people said we would never have cross platform play. 3d mobile, or phone cameras. It’s okay. Linux is performing well as a gaming system.Microsoft just has the computer market share. Ps4 is linux, and it runs ue4 games. All you have to do is give it time.

Sure Epic is a business. But they’re also willing to offer a 12% / 88% split with 5% royalty included! Epic is also sponsoring free content for at least a year. Epic already offer a Linux flavor of the engine. So why not an EGS Linux Launcher??? Mobile could be the driving force to do away with side-loading etc. With Android’s dominant market share there’s nothing niche about Linux anyway…

Agree, that’s why we should keep asking for it… :slight_smile:

Android development is totally different from Linux PC development.
Also, EGS does not have mobile games, so what is the point of having the launcher on Android for now?
And yes, Linux is a niche for PC gaming.

Nonetheless, it’s unclear why can’t the launcher support Linux, as I don’t see any reason why it would use Windows-specific libraries (besides some notifications and auto.start maybe, but they don’t sound like a big effort).

Steam is a long-established company, of course it has more resources to do that. Epic Launcher has many, much more important lacks for now than Linux support. Achievements, Cloud, etc, all these affect many more people than having a Linux version.

I’m happy that this has track some action, so, first things first

Belguim has ban loot-boxes from games and is pursuiting games that are doing so, yet 3A developers are trying to lift up the loot-box ban, why do I bring this it may should feel like comparing orange and stones? Simple, they could just ignore Belgium since is a “niche” country, and yet they still focus on that, why? Becuase is a bussiness!! (and also because this will encourage more countries to do the same but will ignore that for now) Trying to sell your products requires to reach has far has you can is important has a bussiness, and Epic knows this, that is why the UE4 is always keeping up to date with console SDKs for example.

“Telemetry services” is just a fancy name for spyware, you can put a lot of flavor in those stuff and those will still be spyware, people has find out that W10 has keyloggers and a lot of nasty stuff build in, into the system, that was what I was referring to, also there is companies like ThinkPenguin, and System76 that sells hardware with Linux (and FLOSS phylosophy) in there systems (there is also Purism but I personally don’t like it).

I’m not tech savvy in this one so I’m sorry, but while yes, the PS4 and Android uses Linux Kernel this doesn’t mean the builds you do for this systems may run on Linux, it needs a workaround.

Yes, this is understandable for sure in that regard, but there is also vulkan and stuff like D3D12VK (i guess that was the name?) which is a DX12 adapter for Vulkan that people are working, what I mean by this is that there is resources Epic could support to mitigate the breach their way, setting aside the fact that UE4 supports Vulkan and all that stuff

Now, in general, I would really like to see that in the roadmap of the EGS in the future, while yes is niche, a lot of people (including myself) uses Linux for their daily task, and has to use stuff like VM or Wine to play games, or even using dual boot, and I feel is a really missing opportunity to expand the idea of bussiness competition, for example, CDPR has GoG to distribute games, but they don’t have (or maybe don’t even care) a Linux Client even when a lot of customers are asking this feature, and the fact that GoG actually distributes Linux binaries (if the developer provide those) but lacks of a Linux client is just… stupid, I bring GoG because they have a DRM-free policy which is something a lot of people prefer over Steam DRM (like myself, I like my stuff DRM-free), and while I don’t know exactly if Epic handles a DRM model or not, the fact that you can still using Linux, and can support your favorite studio with the 88% revenue will be good for a lot of customers.