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As someone working on my own projects in Unreal engine I was pleasantly surprised with the announcement of the epic games store as it looked to be where I would want to publish my games in the future. But some concerns have arose. For one the interface of the store is horrible, There is no search function to find a game (yes I know there aren’t many on there yet) and there is no easy list to sort types of games or by reviews (another major problem) or price or well anything for the matter. Look I’m not saying make a steam store clone but the interface as it is right now just makes me not even want to click on the store let alone sell anything on it. Then we have the lack of customer reviews. Look I know games get review bombed and things happen but taking away the community voices would be like removing reviews from amazon… people would not be happy. As someone that would like to bring a game at some point to the store (if these things get fixed) I want gamers that are verified to have bought and played the game to be able to review it for other users looking to buy it and for feedback.

I am glad the return policy was updated to be more consumer friendly and the cross-platform online services roadmap for this year looks amazing but unless some of these things are fixed I don’t see this going the distance. I say this as someone that cares very much and want’s a good place to publish games.

This is early days for the Epic Store, and features are slim while the library is still small and only slowly expanding. Additional features will be added in the coming year(s) as the library grows and the product evolves.


Most of that is due to the store being very new and it’ll take time for them to make it more feature complete.

However, I would say that based off the launcher/marketplace I wouldn’t expect too much

#1 No regional pricing.

#2 Buying “exclusivity” rights against Steam.

Those are the problems I have with Epic Games Store for my taste. Number two is going beyond the ridiculous mark…

That’s not uncommon or unreasonable in the industry. For PC it’s probably a good thing because it will make Steam more competitive which will be good for consumers.

Can we please have a dedicated sub-forum for Epic Games Store?

I’d also suggest setting up an official Subreddit for the store (for customers).

Then that’s news.
Because when I tried to buy a game the usd rate was 1:1 (1 x 3.75) for me while on Steam it was almost half the price on my currency.

And this is why. Epic is still far from accepting all major currencies:

I want to thank the Epic staff for the replies. I’m sure the things myself and others have brought up have been discussed and are being discussed by the people at Epic. I just want to voice my opinions and concerns because I do care about the platform. Recently I’m seeing it smeared a lot in the gaming community sometimes fairly and sometimes not. I know it takes time to build a good product and unlike the competition that have had years to do so people are looking at this with some high expectations of their first impressions. What Epic games does for developers is amazing and their plans in the future are nothing less than industry changing. That being said if consumers have a bad taste in their mouth and don’t like what they see or feel many will not give it a 2nd chance. Developers will have to end up following them to other platforms. It’s going to be rough no doubt and I hope things continue to improve not just for developers but for consumers as well.

I will always be a gamer first and developer second.

The biggest issue that Epic is facing really is just that it’s not Steam, people want all of their games in one place and don’t want to have to use multiple programs to access their games.

I don’t understand that lazy mindset at all.
Every single MMO I played have their own launcher, I barely even touch Steam because of that btw.

That’s not really the same thing, MMO’s are a small part of the market, and people usually only play one since they take a lot of time dedication. Steam has the vast majority of the PC gaming market, and one of the reasons is convenience.

Indeed, even Blizzard has regional pricing, so a monthly fee for their games are 1:1 from USD to Brazilian Real. I usually purchase from Steam for the same reason, with discounts then, it is surprisingly cheap doing so.

Now that sounds sweet! :smiley:

Do you guys want to know the biggest problem about the Epic Games Store? Anticonsumer! I used the Epic Games launcher over a year already so its not about having another launcher installed, but things where I would pay 60€ for Metro Exodus on steam with a bunch of extra features compared to 60€ plus extra payment procesing fees around 4-5€ and having zero extra features on the Epic Games launcher is not ok… Tim Sweeney also confirmed via a tweet to hold the 12% cut for publisher they let the consumers pay extra fees. Too bad im not from the us where people get the game cheaper and have no extra payment fees, my bad being in EU I guess. If you guys think this is the right way to get people over to Epic Games Store then good night… also do you guys think the Epic Games launcher will ever get more features when Tim Sweeney still wants to hold his 12%? I dont really see it atm to be honest, having extra features which steam offers cost money too…

Anyway, for now there will be no support from me to the Epic Games Store until they start adding more features and stop letting the consumer “outside of the us” pay extra payment processin fees.

People also use Origin, Battle-net, World of Tanks client … so I really don’t understand what the problem is.

However, I also do not understand why potential customers of Phoenix Point complain, see here in the comments (it’s hilarious)

People do not see that monopolies are bad, that prices are worse for devs at Steam vs EPIC …

The EPIC Store is a great idea and I can’t wait to apply, but I also hope that they tune the UI to the best possible experience.

In the end people will buy your game because it is good, not because it is on store a or b.

Features I would liek to see as a developer (and which have not been announced yet):

  • A market place for in-game items.
  • Profiles with my games achievements listed
  • A community hub page, including a bulletin board system.

Epic Store development roadmap includes achievements, cloud saves and more

Epic Store development roadmap includes achievements, cloud saves and more | PC Gamer

Epic hopes to break the dominance of a firm called Valve—and another called Google Fortnite’s developer is entering the retail business | The Economist

I had no problem reinstalling the Epic Launcher to buy/play Metro Exodus. I use Steam. Origin… and a couple of others. And yes monopolies are bad. But I am not a politician. I just want to play cool games. The fastest way to my destinations are a straight line. lol Tbh, I could not believe the entitled hissy fits going on about Epic Stores getting Metro Exodus from Steam. In the end, its about playing a very cool game that the Devs obviously threw tons of love into. ;p I find Epics Store/Launcher to be pretty easy to use. Stress free so far. No doubt it will be feature updated as time ensues.