Epic Games Store

At last I have made 2 successful purchases on Epic Marketplace 3D Scanned Photorealistic Forest Landscape Asset Pack Vol 1 and also Realistic Foliage pack well That’s $170 AUD well spent
Its in my volt say add to program, I thought it would say Download to UE4, so do I have to download to UE4 every time I start a new project.

EGS hasn’t customer reviews due to a damage control mentality; lets review what occurred on Steam when BL3 was announced an EGS exclusive for one whole year - alleged BL fan-bois acted like they were stolen from and to a degree maybe have a slight right to feel slighted, but…

Review bombing took over the Steam Sore (I meant store) page for BL2 with negativity targeting BL3 with all manner of ASCII art because that’s mature -at Steam anyway; been a Steam user for over a decade and the maturity level there never seems to leave much to the imagination. Additionally, I don’t give a shine about what other consumers think about a game - their opinions mean two things to me: nothing & ■■■■ -show me real time gameplay. When I research a title, the last places I’m looking at are the Pub/Dev sites & the Store Pages -I’m looking at external 3rd party sites with nothing to gain from reviews and gameplay videos done by regular, everyday gamers minus the “influencers” whom mean two things to me (guess what they are). With the global climate and money becoming even more a commodity, BS is now officially out the window.

I will say that an EGS forum would be awesome where gamer discourse concerning games would be sweet, but only if it’s moderated (I mean really moderated - not the yeah we moderate it).

Really sounds like whining to me.
Maybe VAT is your problem along side other things like getting educated to the fact that Epic is not in control of pricing over seas concerning taxation and other costs associated with international sales. Everything is cheaper in the States - tells that to the homeless sweet pea. This is where we start commenting on the US being ethnocentric too, am I right? International business law as governed by US regulatory committees almost mandates a kiss-butt mentality when dealing abroad and with good reason. It pays to know what you’re talking about before you express your view point/position. Just saying.