Epic Games Store Publishing Tools - Roadmap

We recently launched the Epic Games Store publishing tools, enabling anyone to distribute their PC game on the Epic Games Store.

We release improvements to the publishing tools regularly. See something missing from the roadmap below? Comment with your feedback and ideas!

You can also check out the Epic Games Store Roadmap to learn more about upcoming enhancements for the storefront.

Recently Released

  • Edition Pages: Enhances existing support for Editions by allowing you to create dedicated pages for your editions that feature custom images and copy to better highlight what’s available to Epic Games Store users.


Features we are working on now - stay tuned for release timing!

  • Pre-Purchase: Adds the ability to make offers available for pre-purchase in the storefront.
  • Self-Service Discounting: Improves the discount creation process by allowing you submit a discount directly through the Dev Portal. Currently, you can request discounts through the Epic Games Store team.


Up next on our development roadmap.

  • Improved control over offer visibility: Adds support for hiding in-game purchase offers from the storefront.
  • Self-service Support-a-Creator campaign management


Features and opportunities we’re considering, but haven’t scheduled yet.

  • Application pre-loading
  • Support for third-party launchers
  • Support for global rolling releases
  • GRAC rating request tooling
    • Note: Currently, you can contact support to request assistance from the Epic Games Store team in obtaining GRAC ratings.This new feature will allow you to initiate this process directly through the Dev Portal.
  • Visual build uploader tool
  • Testing purchases in private sandboxes
  • Support for non-game applications
  • Support for VR-only games

Thank you very much, this roadmap helps me a lot!!
Now, I do need assistance in obtaining GRAC rating.


Enhanced Analytics: It would be beneficial to have more detailed analytics and reporting features within the publishing tools. This would help developers track their game’s performance, user engagement, and sales data more effectively.

Regional Pricing: Implementing the option to set regional pricing for games would allow developers to adjust prices based on different markets and currencies, making their games more accessible and competitive globally.

Wishlist Notifications: Adding the ability for users to receive notifications when games on their wishlist go on sale or have updates would enhance user engagement and drive more sales.

User Reviews and Ratings: Including a user review and rating system within the Epic Games Store would provide valuable feedback for both developers and users, helping them make informed decisions about games.

Multi-language Support: Expanding language support for game descriptions, store pages, and customer support would enable developers to reach a broader audience and provide a better user experience for non-English speaking users.

Community Hub: Introducing a community hub or forum within the Epic Games Store would foster engagement and interaction among players, developers, and fans. It could include features like game discussions, user-generated content sharing, and developer Q&A sessions.

Streamlined Content Submission: Simplifying the process of submitting and updating game content, such as patches, updates, and DLCs, would save developers time and improve the overall publishing experience.

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Hi @faramnte

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll get this forwarded for consideration. A few questions and notes to add.

Enhanced Analytics: What kind of details and reports are you looking for? The more specific, the better the feedback can be utilized.

Regional Pricing: This is already available with our Self-Service Publishing Tool! When setting up your product you have the ability to individually adjust regional pricing. You can review more here: Regional Pricing Guide

Multi-language Support: We currently offer support for 16 languages at this time! We also offer in-house translation of storefront text for publishers to take advantage of if they wish! You can review more here: Localize Store Presence

Streamlined Content Submission: More details on this would also be very helpful for feedback submission as to how we can further streamline this process :slight_smile:

Again we really appreciate the feedback and will be sending it off to be reviewed by our engineer team!

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Greetings , Did this Thread Original Post stopped being updated ? Something like Self-Service Discounting was implemented according to https://dev.epicgames.com/docs/epic-games-store/whats-new/recent-updates?sessionInvalidated=true but it is still in Next in the OP , so hopefully the thread is still alive so that we can monitor the ongoing roadmap for the Self Publishing tool :slight_smile: