Epic Games Launcher using high amounts of CPU?

Anyone know why this is?
And that’s on 4930K CPU (6core Intel @3.9ghz) so that’s A LOT of CPU - also a fair chunk of ram too.

Only thing I can think of was I have set my pc to hibernate and have woken it up, well the other thing is a possible bitcoin miner but figure Epic wouldn’t let that happen.

dude, 700 megs of memory for a launcher, which is basically a clipped browser.

Same thing happens to me occasionally.

I really think Epic should reconsider their choice of not giving an option to disable starting the launcher whenever the editor is started in the binary distribution of UE4. I have to maintain my own binary build of the engine solely to disable having the launcher autostart. I’m actually considering writing a background task program that runs all the time in the system try and just kills the launcher as soon as it sees it starting. It would be easier than maintaining my own build of the engine for our team, because all of the reasons we used to need a custom build for are gone, except for the launcher being a pain. The resource usage from the launcher can mess up build/cook times, performance testing in VR, etc. So you have to keep closing it manually every once in a while or keep an eye on its CPU/memory.

\Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win64
rename launcher.exe to 123.exe to turn off launcher launch.
yes thats stupid, but what we gonna do, seams like engine is developed by professional programmers but launcher by some amateurs or half-time workers.

My launcher was taking hundreds of megabytes of RAM… Ack! For a launcher… Sure they are fixing things up.

I am experiencing this as well, the launcher CPU usage and RAM goes up after being open for several hours. The most extreme usage I have had is 100% from the launcher after leaving it open for several days.

Launcher is getting fat. I used to leave it open all the time, but now my budy list rarely see me online because of this.
All the time it is eating resources, downloading something, etc. I’m forced to leave it offline and hidden so then it doesn’t popup all the time I re-open the Editor.

I always close the launcher whenever it opens… not worth the cost at all! :frowning:

Write a windows command script

tskill EpicGamesLauncher
goto Boot

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. Please watch for a Launcher update around January which will focus on CPU/Memory improvements. Hopefully you’ll see less impact afterwards.


Will this update fix the GPU temperature spikes as well? This is more worrying to me than CPU/memory usage for obvious reasons.

I would like to add a screenshot that I just took:


I had the launcher running all night, and the fact that one of my cores was at around 85% all night is honestly a bit worrying. In the picture, you can see my 8th core usage goes down towards the end, that is once I closed the launcher.

I have an i7 950 3Ghz and 24GB of DDR3 and I have seen the launcher use up to 40% CPU and anywere from a few hundred to almost 2GB of RAM which is kind of nuts…never use to do that.

The RAM usage on my rig seems to be OK, just around 200MB. Funny thing though is that the CPU utilization changes depending on what tab is open.

The tabs library and learn, do utilizes from 20% to 30%.

While the tabs marketplace and community only draw ~3%.

Just a note that the Launcher Update I mentioned previously has been delayed and hasn’t happened yet. We expect the CPU improvements to occur this month (February).

Please fix this ASAP as i too encounters the same high amount of CPU and RAM usage which is basically the launcher is a clipped browser. Unless there is something else inside the launcher :slight_smile:



Have you updated your launcher? Because there was an update 1-2 days ago it seems. The CPU utilization went from 20-30% down to ~8% on my rig on the tabs Learn and Library.

Hi all,

Yes, Launcher version 2.9 was released last week, and it did include some Memory and CPU improvements. I hope it is having a positive impact. Full Release notes for the Launcher 2.9 release are here: Latest Launcher Release Notes - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums


Yes , I’ve had this issue as well but something that helped a bit was closing the launcher when the editor is open ( like minimize it to tray )

I’m on launcher Version and it has just recently(Within 2 days) started using very high amounts of my CPU just idling in the Launcher. This has not happened before and I have no idea why it is doing it now. I woke up this morning after rendering some Tiled terrain files to see a message that said “Your computer is running low on memory” which is very weird because I have 24Gb of usable ram and never thought to be running out any time soon. Need some debugging?