Epic Donates to the Blender Foundation

Great news! As a programmer I don’t require the expensive Maya / Max software, so an improved and free Blender is awesome for us coders!

This is great news for a “poor man” like me…thanks Epic…

Thank you EPIC!

I will continue to support you guys!


Indeed great news.

It warms my heart to see Blender gets finally recognized as serious alternative to Autodesk’s 3d suites.

Awesome news!

Our goals for supporting the Blender Foundation are:

**1. Ensure a smooth FBX workflow between blender and UE4. **

We basically want to make sure there is a smooth export/import pipeline between Blender and UE4 and UE4 uses FBX. Improving Blender’s FBX pipeline is going to be beneficial outside of just UE4 interoperability.

2. Find a way to harmonize controls between blender and UE4.

Given Blender’s extensibility and configurability we would like to see an option to have UE4 style viewport controls as an option to make it easier for people to back and forth between tools.

3. Support approachable and free 3D modeling tools to aid community.

Very awesome! I know what 3D Package I will be picking up :slight_smile:

Once again thank you EPIC!

You guys are awesome as always :slight_smile:

From my point of view as a long term Blender user, this effort by Epic Games to support Blender for UE4 is sooooo full of win!

Thanks Epic! :smiley: You guys are the best! This is really nice news.

I can think of so many great things that can come from this. :slight_smile:

Dear Epic, is there any end to your AWESOMENESS?

I think ill reserve judgement on that one till I see what happens but it does sound interesting.

supporting the community is always good and no one supports there community better than epic:)

to be honest I already have a smooth workflow between blender and UE4 although a newer/updated fbx exporter when they finish it will still be a nice thing to have:D

Hi, I’d like to see it as a two way street. That is I’d like to be able to use viewport controls in UE4 as they are in Blender as there (for me) are the most intuitive ever. I’ve never met/worked with software which is easier/more intuitive to navigate than Blender.

Thank you.

This is epic news! I have minor knowlegde with Blender, but I just have started with it again :slight_smile:

kind of agree with this, whilst blender is not the best i have worked with, ue4 navigation seems like a clumsy awkward step backwards in comparison.
most noticeable in things like the phat editor, you would expect to rotate the model round its axis (or more like the camera rotates round the model), as in most 3d apps, and not the ‘game’ helicopter style camera controls it has.


I can’t keep saying this enough!



Thank you, Epic! This is just awesome! Blender and UE4 are a perfect match!

Great work Epic, tighter coupling between Blender and UE4 is win win win!

Thank you Epic from another grateful Blender user! This is so great to see.

Epic, you are earning more and more hearts day by day !!!

this definitively the way to go :slight_smile:

thanks for doing your job in that amazing way .

Good work, has been a chore to work with psk’s and stuff in the past.

I like seeing that Blender is getting taken more seriously as of late.