Epic Donates to the Blender Foundation

From Ton’s Twitter account:

It’s awesome to see Blender getting attention from Epic! It was too often ignored in the UE3 days, it feels great to know that Epic is not only acknowledging Blender and its capabilities (about time!), but also donating to its cause.

That’s really awesome!

Yeah, we’ve been doing a lot more direct talking with them lately. Mostly we are trying to get a solid pipeline for exporting from Blender to UE4. So far things are going really well and we hope to see some cool stuff in the near future. :slight_smile:

Very cool! Nice to see some more focus for gamedev pipelines with Blender. :smiley:

Thank you UE that was really, really cool!!

Really glad to hear this! Plus eleventy-billion fake internet points from me.

Epic Games gets more and more awesome every day.

Epic Games keeps getting us to higher heights with each passing year.

This is amazing

Oppa Epic style.

This is really good news.

Poor FBX support is the only reason we excluded Blender from our pipeline as a preferred app.

Epic you guys are literally the pinnacle of what a good company should be :slight_smile:

As a blender user, I cannot but thank you a lot!! Blender is a great tool, especially for modeling, it is definitely worth having a good pipeline with UE4! I am sure this investment will be repaid by a lot of great works by blender users.

Way to go Epic! :slight_smile:

Pure awesomeness.

Same here.

I absolutely love what Epic is doing and the way they communicate with devs. I would even go and say that it is hard to imagine better company to work with and for. Absolutely love them!

What’s this mean?

I would assume it means, at minimum, the ability to navigate a 3D scene with only the mouse, like in the UE editor.

just wish i could do the same, but still great from the Epic guys to help the blender UE4 pipeline, we’ve seen lots of improvements recently

Epic! You the man. . . You the man. . . You the maaaaan!

Good to see Epic investing / supporting such things! I don’t use Blender personally, but many people I know will find this most useful.

well done Epic