EPIC !Do you dare to put the UE4 official tutorial in chinese culture? If you want to make money!


China is the future of UE4’s largest customer group, it’s now difficult to promote, because EPIC do not have a Chinese language in the use of tutorials, a lot of people are therefore unable to contact or even learn UE4, of course is not possible to use UE4 to work out your problems, obviously, if you paid no attention Chinese market, we will pass ue4 in our work, if you are smart enough to realize China potential customers how big, suggest you to launch Chinese UE4 official tutorial immediately, of course you can choose to ignore my advice, then Chinese developers will ignore UE4, so as to choose the more we respect Chinese development tools, such as UNITY3D. WE NEED A TUTORIAL ON Chinese CULTURE!!!

I’m sure more support is coming for a lot of chinese language documentation. Tencent owns a large share of Epic.
I’m trying to make my game be able to change languages now. It’s difficult.
You posted in latin america, and not asia.