EPIC Cheater's Epic Letter from Mom


To see an engine company take a stance against cheaters.

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To see an engine company take a stance against cheaters.[/QUOTE]

I want to say Lol, but Suing a 14 year old not to funny. Remind of the girl they used for example when she pirated music in like 2005 or something. All I may say I recall people using cheats in ps3 and I still beat them and they were furious. And actually some of these cheats you’ll never know and just say this game sucks, and wow. But it’s not my business, I just wanted to say I worked some cheaters back in the day really.

So a 14 year old should not be held to the consequences of their actions because they are 14 years old?

Speaking from the other side of the fence cheaters have this impression that what they are doing as far as cheating goes has zero impact as to damage they are causing once they have disconnected or left the game.

First it’s costly and time consuming as a developer to be forced to included anti-cheat measures that needs to constantly be updated as to a cost burden.

Now I could rant on to pad details but the number 1 damage they leave behind is the lack of trust that as a clean player your playing on a field of equal footing and once a top level player achieves an AAA skill level are so good they get accused of cheating for their efforts.


In this case I would say smacking a 14 year old on the nose by using the “law” of the land is a clear indication that cheating is not OK no mater the reason.

I think it is a PR nightmare in the making. Epic should drop the suit against Caleb IMO.

Whats the issue here?

Once again because the person caught was 14 years old? How about if said individual was a 90 year old grandmother? or 18 years old?

In the end I figure Epic will drop the case once the point is made

Break a legal agreement, get hit by the consequences; the age of the person involved is relevant when it comes to things like sentencing.

The biggest thing he did wrong was publicly telling people where to find the hacks. He was assisting in the distribution of hacking tools, even if he wasn’t directly hosting them.

Unfortunately battle royal style games are especially susceptible cheating, because it only takes 1 hacker to ruin a match for 20 or more players.

What kind of cheats are we even talking about here? Since when do people get sued for using some crappy aimbot or whatever?

I saw a screen shot of it, it’s an aim bot and player radar. There’s also no recoil, no spread, and name spoofing. Some of these players were banned 9 times or more, and also targeted streamers.

What? None of this should be possible unless they did things very wrong.

Like someone once told me: if 13- and 14-year-old children can be sentenced to life in prison, then this kid should take full responsability for his actions.

I’m not sure there are many jurisdictions where that would happen. Even the most serious offences tend to result in shorter term sentences in dedicated juvenile detention.

That’s mean. Put some love in your heart:)

Well how about some love to thous who play clean on line? :wink:

Suing someone of course is not nice and as is the suit does not state damages but rather forces the defendant to give reason and in this case the cheater ran to his mommy because of the trouble with in the system of law that he got himself into. Typical

Mom of course turned into an arm chair lawyer once again yet another parent not managing their child’s on-line behavior trying to make it the fault of the game developer.

As for PR just Google “Epic sues cheaters” . Nothing but positive response from the gaming community and I applaud Epic’s gutsy effort by yet again providing a valuable service.

Heck lets go after all cheaters in general. To start the class action list.

Mark McGwire
Sammy Sosa
Lance Armstrong

Okay, I’d like to verify if those are gamers not casual gamers. It’s not my business I’m not contesting that. Let’s just not make fun of the poor lad. Anyway, yeah, cheaters suck. I always seemed to work them though.

Age has nothing to do with this. Once you get to the development where you can separate between what’s wrong and right, you are subject to the law.

The kid surely liked the fame he got by not only using cheats, but also sharing them all around ruining others’ plays.

Well he surely won’t be cheating now.

Is there even anything illegal about using cheats? Sure he might have broken the license agreement but that only means he can be banned from the game, nothing else.

That’s what he thought aswell (And he got banned a few times.) but no. EULA Agreements are not there for Company vs Company stuff. What you are accepting is not just a “warning”. Such things can make you (or your parent) to court rather easily.

Epic can claim damages, cheaters cause a negative impression of a game, will have a negative impact on sales/micro-transactions.

Well in the US you can sue anyone for any reason and only costs a $350 filing fee. Suing someone does not mean that you will win or lose but is a first step to being summoned before the court as to damages. If mom had apologized and promised to handle the situation I would bet Epic would have stayed proceeding with the case but the claim is already filed and can move forward.

In civil court it’s not about what is or is not legal but who has the better story as to damage cased unlike criminal law.