Epic acquires Twinmotion

Twinmotion Joins Unreal Engine Suite of Technologies

Cary, NC (May 13, 2019) – Epic Games today welcomes Twinmotion as the latest offering to help visualization professionals in the architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping industries better communicate their designs. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Twinmotion delivers real-time, final-quality rendering through a simple and intuitive interface, with the ability to quickly produce a variety of presentation options including images, panoramas, videos, and virtual reality content.

Starting today, anyone can download Twinmotion for free at The free download period will last through November 2019. Early adopters who download Twinmotion between now and November will be able to keep using this version forever at no charge, with no royalty and no strings attached. Epic will continue to enhance Twinmotion with new capabilities to ensure architects and designers have the tools they need to succeed. Additional features and pricing will be announced at a later date.
Key features and benefits of Twinmotion include:

  • Photorealistic quality in real-time: View and edit scenes at an unprecedented level of visual fidelity, all in real-time. With real-time radiosity, and over 600 PBR materials that react to the environment, Twinmotion enables designers to achieve photorealistic visuals.
  • Simple and intuitive: Twinmotion’s innovative, easy-to-use interface simplifies tasks regardless of a project’s size and complexity, or users’ previous CG experience. Users may drag and drop lights and materials, or alter the season or the weather, by simply manipulating the slider tool.
  • One setup for all media: Using a single Twinmotion scene, users can create a variety of media exports including images, panoramas, immersive 360° videos, VR scenes, and more in mere seconds. Twinmotion also supports the most popular VR headsets.
  • Wide compatibility: Twinmotion is compatible with most BIM software, and provides direct one-click synchronization with ARCHICAD and Revit projects. Users can also import any assets in FBX, SKP, C4D, and OBJ formats.
  • Smart assets for lifelike scenes: Twinmotion’s library of over 2,500 objects includes both static assets, such as furniture and rocks, as well as dynamic assets, including animated human and animal characters, responsive plants, and ambient sounds, helping to bring designs to life and tell a story through visual design.
  • Geography-specific context: By setting a project’s geographic location, users can download maps and add real-world context to scenes.

“At Epic, we succeed when our customers succeed, and Twinmotion helps AEC professionals easily deliver stunningly detailed, lifelike representations of their designs,” said Marc Petit, General Manager, Unreal Engine, Epic Games. “Since launching our Unreal Studio beta in March 2018, we’ve seen particular demand in the AEC space. We’re thrilled to continue building Twinmotion to make high-end visualization even more accessible to the global architecture community.”
Response from industry leaders

“Many ARCHICAD users already find great value in using ARCHICAD and Twinmotion together to quickly and effectively communicate the intent behind their designs to clients and owners. Real-time rendering indeed is the next big thing in photorealistic visualization, and GRAPHISOFT is excited to be closely working with Epic to bring the next level of immersive experiences to ARCHICAD users.” said Huw Roberts, CEO of GRAPHISOFT.

“At Trimble, we believe in 3D for everyone; that through simplicity and accessibility we help to democratize the world of design. Epic’s announcement today, with their free release of a simple-to-use visual storytelling tool capable of the most beautiful of visualizations at interactive frame rates, opens a compelling new opportunity for our users. We’re excited to see what comes next!” shared Christopher Keating, General Manager of Trimble’s Architecture & Design Division.
For more details, and to download Twinmotion, visit:

Looking forward to seeing what i can do with this product…

Nice!!! This is great news. Thank you, Epic!

Epic flexing those fortnite muscles…

Is the bridge available from twin to ue4?

Very cool! Twinmotion 2019 has been a great program so far. Now with Epic in control its going to be insane! If we get real-time ray tracing in a Twinmotion user interface my dreams will come true! Thank you Epic!

Is that possible import Lumion project to Unreal Studio or Twinmotion on UE4.25 ?


Great news. Finally Twinmotion will become alive.

Is is there any New-Epic Twinmotion forum available?
if yes, could you share a link?

hello… this is interesting times! is there a way to install twinmotion in any other than through the epic games launcher. I am asking since our organization has blocked the games site. Is there any option for an offline installer?

A really interesting prospect. I see Revit and ArchiCAD support. Any news on Rhino integration as well?

Bright future for Twinmotion now that its part of Epic ! Once we have a way to boost twinmotion projects with an Unreal Editor integration, Archviz will get a huge boost in terms of accessibility.

Looking forward to how this is going to evolve. :slight_smile:

Hey great news, Linux support would be outstanding

Hi, I’m working for a company who would like to use Twinmotion commercially, can you confirm that the free Twinmotion is available for commercial use?, are there any restrictions for its use whilst it is free or from November when it is not free?, thank you, Martin

Indeed, we need to know what’s happening with the licenses bought from Abvent for the commercial use of Twinmotion.
Will be those licenses transferred to Epic, or another way ?
Can we have precisions over this point ?

Definitely can be used for Commercial and EDU use. It is a permanent license, not a temporary one. Please read FAQ, it answers questions about existing licenses.

Rhino support is in discussion, I think you might have some luck exporting FBX from Rhino into TM, but it isn’t an ideal workflow.

The plan is to have a Twinmotion forum. Not sure when.

All is clear ! Thanks for the return!

Sounds great!.. thank you Epic - I was hoping you’d do something like this for a long time, I love UE4 but it could never be used by my whole office, we use Lumion at the moment for its ease of use but I think Twinmotion with Epics backing should surpass that soon enough

Support for Twinmotion is managed here.

So when will data smith work with Twinmotion?

Awesome news! However, I am having problems with the new archicad exporter. Anyone else?