EOS friend request

Hi everyone,

I’m using EOS to make a multiplayer game, currently I’m able to login, create, find and join sessions. I was trying to implement the friends interface but I’m not able to send friend requests successfully, when I send an invite FOnSendInviteComplete delegate returns false and prints this error: not able to send invite due to NetId unknown. I know is something related with the id, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong retrieving it from the player state. I’ll attach some code snippet to make more it clear

First I call sendInvite(APlayerState*), the the OnFriendInviteSendComplete fires returning bWasSuccesful false.

I tested it with a friend joined in my session, and using his PlayerState

I guess soomething is wrong with the ID but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong retrieving it, I literally used the example provided on the EOS official documentation


I also followed the send, accept and rejetc docu examples, but still it doesn’t work


Any help is really appreciated.

Kind regards.