Environmental smoky/fog?

Hey everyone, just a question. Do you know how to make in Niagara that kind of fog you can see close to the ground?
Just like an animated dynamic soft smoke FX?

I used this in a learning project. Works pretty good. I’m not familiar with Niagara so far.

Thank you very very much. It is cool and useful but I need to create some environmental dust and fog dust. I dont think I can achieve it using this tutorial

Do you need to use niagara?
if you want volumetric and the ability to maybe kick it around you need a post-processing volume with a volumetric fog.
expensive, to be sure.

Alternatively, fall back onto Brucks teachings (sounds like a holy gospel don’t it?)

hope that helps.

Thanks MostHost … Interesting… which is the best ways do make desert dust for you? Or old western dust for example?

the cheapest.
A transparent powerd sheet that spawned in as a particle effect.
but, i would probably turn it into a sprite to create a swirl effect or similar since dust out here tends to really do that.
and tumbleweeds.

Dust isn’t the same as fog though. Its not persistent and only usually visible at a distance.
that said. Maybe because of Niagara performing so well it would be possible to spawn 1000 or so particles that move randomly based on wind direction.

Copy the idea of any snow/rain tutorial you may find, change the directionally to be that of a fountain spray. From low to high, get the particles affected by wind.
change the particles to small transparent could masks, and you could very well end up with a far more realistic yet still rather cheap effect.
Possibly fresnel the material to have the edges fade out?

precisely. Even if I need to do close dust, even close to the camera I think that in this case Niagara particle with sprite should be the best way. My scene is already expensive!
I’m using tons of Quixel items, objects and decals plus GI relatime. So it is better to save resources
Air dust it is not important but it can be effective however it has to be cheap for the system

Cost wise, if volumetric fog is already on there shouldn’t be an added cost from adding in the post process.