Environment Work

Hi RyanWatkins,

Color me thoroughly impressed! I am obsessed with the landscape/foliage tool so seeing some amazing landscape work is refreshing!

Thanks Adam, I’m a little obsessed with it too. I have been wondering about the pref cost of the terrain. Would this type of terrain be to expensive to ship on a X1 or PS4?

thanks HAI

This is indeed very awesome! Cool work on the worldmachine part and the rocks are also very nice :slight_smile:

As a small feedback, I think they could use more polys since they look pretty blocky (look at the AO that highlights it further in the shadow areas) + I think they are a bit too bright.

But overall as already said, very nice work! :slight_smile:

A couple of questions: The Height Chooser node…I have never seen that one before, is it from a newer version or am I just too blind?^^ And your custom macros, are they from the wm site macro section?

Keep us posted and cheers! :slight_smile:

Awesome work!

I’m curious about how much tweaking you had to do post-import. It would be nice if there was a consistent workflow that didn’t require too much tweaking, especially if you want to import and line up multiple landscapes.

Height Chooser is under the Combiners section.(from the current 2.3 version)

Colormap Pro can be found in this thread:
Glaciers is from the WM site macro section.

@Xodroc Thanks a lot man! Yeah I updated my version and saw the new nodes^^ Will check out the macros as well, so thanks again for that! :slight_smile:

@RyanWatkins, your scene proves everyone out there wrong when it comes to complain about outdoor environments or compare CE with UE. Bravo! Ultra-kill… I mean, ultra-realistic!

Magnific! Nice job.

Very nice rocks.

Thanks for all the great replies everyone here is an update. The trees are from Pure3D I’m still working on getting a good vegetation shader, but I’m really happy with the models and texture.


Very good work, i like it.

Nice! Although those trees pointing off in strange directions look very odd to me… really shouldn’t they all point almost vertically? Never seen a pine tree grow like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think texture res could be better, but overall looks great.

All of these screenshots look phenomenal! I thought I was looking at a real world photo.

This looks absolutely fantastic and I would love to see how you did it in depth! Perhaps if you have time, could you make a video from scratch on how to reproduce such amazing results?

Woah lovely!

I can’t wait to see if you make a Matinee of this and take us on a journey through your fantastic world!

Amazing Work Here, Just Stunning! :slight_smile:


That’s some really great work there. Really has a wonderful, naturalistic feeling. I can almost feel the temperature and chilly humidity of the late spring morning.

-sarcasm alert- I live in Colorado! I’ve been to this place! This is a photo! ! !
Super cool, man.
p.s. (Bill Murray, CaddyShack voice) “You should put a mountain goat ur a marmot off to one side. Now thad be awesome.” :slight_smile:

You guys are great! thanks for all the amazing response, it has really kept me going to finish this project. I’m think that on the next one I will document it more and do more of a tutorial on my process. but for now here is an update.