Environment Work

Hello , Just wanted share some of my recent environment work with Unreal. The modular rocks are created using Photoscan and Zbrush. Landscape created with World Machine and imported as a height map into unreal.












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work, how many individual rock pieces did you make? Can you show some isolated shots of the rocks?

Wow. Anyone complaining about not being able to make good outdoor landscaped environments needs to come take a look at , absolutely stunning. Excellent work.

looks amazing! What is the scale of ? Did you use real scale (1 unreal unit = 1cm) or did you scale it down?

That looks like quite a lot of time went into the detailing of your world machine setup :slight_smile:

Nice job! (I’d love to get any juicy details as to how you managed the landscape)

Agreed, the UnrealDevNetwork on twitter showed me , it’s stunning. Would love to see a coherent breakdown.

Looks really !

Love it, you rock :slight_smile: . Breakdown would be nice if you have time.

Thanks for all the replies, I’ll work on getting some break down that explain my process.

@: the large rock formation is one large piece sculpted in Zbrush, later I plan on breaking it a part into smaller rock chunks

@ Bajee : defiantly not real work scale. I start with a 4k terrain and simply adjusted element until it felt right with the FPS camera

Thanks again, I’ll get the break downs soon

I can almost smell those rocks. :eek: Very nice work!

Oh cool very nice landscape :smiley:

is so cool!!

looks !! _

Very nice, can’t wait to see the final product!

Very nice, is still in progress or are you finished with it?

Thanks again for all the wonderful replies, defiantly still a work in progress I have much more planed :slight_smile:

can we see the world machine set up please!!! It looks ! very life like! very jealous ::

That landscape looks really good. job.

Here is what my world machine setup looks like. I’m a little short on time right now but I’ll try and get a some sort of explanation put together on whats going on. :slight_smile:



Very nice :slight_smile: