Environment Query: Chaining Queries?

What is the intended workflow of using Environment Query System to query and generate grids around other actors (i.e. not around the querier)?

If the grid is generated around the querier this is easy as you can simply use any of the generators and use querier as a context, but I am having trouble combining two queries. First to find an other actor that querier is interested about. Then second phase is to generate points around found actor and then do some testing on those points, I also need to check if these locations are reachable.

I can not seem to find a way to combine two EQS Queries in sequence in behavior tree. Is it even possible to pass query results into another query using the UI? I can get it to work using Blueprints, but what about in Behavior Tree? I can also get this to work using custom context, but I am little worried about the performance. It would be nice to know how things are intended to be used by the developers :slight_smile:

Real life scenario what I am trying to solve is to find attack target actor from the scene and then generate grid/rings around the target, check if these locations are clear and then command actor to move to one of the best locations so not all actors try to move to same location.

Also I noticed the documentation of this system is a bit behind and some Test nodes like Pathing Batch and Overlap are not documented at all. It would be very nice to know how these work… I know it’s still experimental module, so I can understand why it’s not documented. Super cool system nevertheless.