Environment Override for Material?

Do we have a solution for an environment override?
Vray has this option.

You can create a material. That material is usually affected with GI, Reflection, Refraction by its environment, like an HDRI SkyDome.

The Vray Shader has an option, that allows you to override the Environment, just for that shader.
Meaning, the material itself will be wrapped into a different Environment. You can select any environment, and also adjust intensity, color, brightness, etc.

This is a very cool feature.

Is this somehow possible within Unreal?

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There isn’t a simple override like Vray has, if you really want to you can modify your material to use a custom cubemap for reflections and probably do something similar for ambient lighting.

Refresh sky might help out if your doing day night.

hmmm… you mean… in the material… I would need to create a node for a cubemap? So it’s only affecting that specific material?

And if so… how should that node-network look like?
what nodes can do that?