Environment, How does it all go together?


I have a question about creating large maps in UE4.

I understand it like this: You would need to create smaller scenes, like a forest, village, desert, cave, and then make them all go together into one big world. Now my question is, how do you do this?

Also, if I use alot of different marketplace assets for creating different environments, wouldn’t the quality differ between zones and even be noticeable?

Thanks in advance!

Look at the documentation, including topics on level streaming. This should provide a solid start for exploring this topic

Specifically try “World composition”
“Level Streaming”
World Composition is confusing so prepare yourself.

Level streaming can be used to load+unload parts of the map. This way, you can limit what is rendered and loaded to generally what the player can see, which is much better than wasting resources rendering things the player will not see. Different marketplace assests will come at different qualities; that is up to you to decide how things should fit together. Thanks for reading!