Environment development ideas

I have been using VR for a year and I have come up with a lot of new ideas. One of my major ideas is to make a city that is Realtime and which can be interactive. Here are some points that I want you to get familiar with:

  1. The city I am making is in Realtime (i.e. there are vehicles and people moving around the environment)
  2. The objects in the city are interactive for example: I can go inside the buildings and vehicles which have detailed interiors, sit anywhere I like and ride public transport routes from point A to B.

What happens however, people build cities on this platform but they are all static with embedded vehicles and no population as opposed to realtime. My development ideas are rather unusual thus, I am not able to really look exactly what I want to develop in VR for the past 5-7 months.

Do you have any idea on how I can design this type of environment with UE4? Your support will be highly appreciated.

Send me some information on anurajpatel5634@gmail.com