Entitlements / Users

Good evening all,

I’ve been playing around with VR for a while now and have made quite a fun team shooter which I’m slowly turning in to a multiplayer experience - woo!

However I’ve been having loads of issues around getting the app to login to the Oculus servers.

I currently get this message:
LogOnlineIdentity: Error: Oculus: Failed the entitlement check: Missing entitlement for AppId

The AppId is actually correct - but as this is specified in the engine ini I can’t be 100% sure whether it’s talking to the server (I think it is as I’m not getting any errors about being logged in to Oculus) or just the ini.

Now my Oculus account is an admin for the developer dashboard - but it’s still saying I don’t have an entitlement to the app.

If anyone can shed any light on this I’d be much obliged. It’s killing my head!

So theres a few bits to this:

  1. It doesn’t work at all over link.
  2. You have to have a folder inside yout config folder called Android. In that folder you need an AndroidEngine.ini inside this these two lines in it:

Without those lines you won’t be able to get your Oculus name/ID, you’ll get localhost instead.

Loads of issues still with Oculus etc, but hopefully this will help someone else.