Ensure condition failed: ResolvedOwningNode?

Here is the log
Errors when I cook
Anyway to narrow it down to find where the issue is?
It doesn’t specify

Hello LDodds,

Usually in cases like this, the warnings are able to point you towards the issue. I would suggest fixing the issues that are mentioned by the warning messages and see if that fixes the problems that are causing the ensure to occur.

Hey there,
Thanks for the advice but the ensure error actually never pointed to the issue.
I have however found the culprit by elimination, a blueprint that I copied from another project. Once deleted it cooked successfully.

I understand that the ensure wasn’t pointing toward the exact file, I was referring to the Warning messages such as “[Compiler ATBTT_AI_Controller_SciFi] Warning ‘Unit Skill’ does not inherit from ‘Unit’ ( Cast To Unit_Skill would always fail).”