Enscape 2.6 Rayracing RTX VS UE4

What’s the point of this post lol

Farshid starts a lot of threads like this.

Ahh I see :slight_smile:

you can see differences between unreal and Enscape in raytracing

i dont know why unreal has tooo much noise in raytracing but Enscape doesnot

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“Realtime” Raytracing in UE4 is in Early Access, meaning it is a feature under development, so it is not ready yet. You can’t compare a finished product with a product still under development as stated many times in presentations, documentation, forum and releases.

thanks for your answer

whats the point of this thread?

No, you are just showcasing some Enscape videos. No comparison

Enscape 2.6 is not a finished product either it’s real time ray tracing features are preview/early access. Hopefully we’ll get UE 4.23 preview release before Siggraph!

And even so, the very first video shows some serious shadow artifacts (at least with the direct light), which suggests to me that it might not even be “real” ray tracing (e.g. it could be using a voxel representation instead of actual scene geometry, or trying to augment super blurry and low res shading with some kind of screen space effects). The Unreal version at least actually calculates shadows without (much) weird trickery.

Seriously thou, UE4 won’t and actually can’t release anything that would benefit just one workflow (ie archviz), because it is meant to be “also” and “first” a game engine, so a mix of techniques to please different groups which all understand what image quality is, but only one cares about the implications for having it in realtime as game workflow needs, it is sort of a nightmare from the perspective of who are in charge to develop this. It is all exciting, but the hype needs to be realistic: takes time and it is not a small amount of it.

I’m sorry but these videos look very poor… most of the realistic feel comes only from the reflections (and textures), the lighting’s accuracy is close to zero…