Enlighten Engine on Unreal Engine ?

Is Enlighten Engine implemented on Unreal Engine 4 ?
Why can’t they use it as their default light engine ?
Enlighten Engine can process Global Illumination even on mobile…

If it is implemented, how can we use it ?

(I don’t know is I’m talking nonsense. If I am, I’m sorry)

I believe licensing for Enlighten is available if you want to use it, but you have to license it through that company, not Epic.

In any case, it’s not that great of a lighting engine and it would be better to wait and see if Epic can implement something better, if the Nvidia Gameworks GI system gets implemented it would be much much better.

I’m yet to see anybody successfully integrate Enlighten with UE4. Apparently it has support, and they are a development partner. I’m surprised nobodies taken it on yet.

You would have to do all the integration yourself however. It’s not an easy project unless you’re an experienced programmer and know UE4 pretty well. If you do take it on, I’d be interested to see the results and compare them to the likes of UE4’s LPV’s.

I think they fully support it, I don’t know how that works but I don’t think you’d have to do all the work to get it integrated. Most likely people aren’t using it because it doesn’t really offer much advantages, since you still have to pre-process your level which takes a good amount of time, and it has its cases that don’t work well.

Ahh ok. No, I’m not that good at programing =/
Well, thanks for the answers. =)

Their licensing costs are inordinately high, so only large companies will be licensing it. As far as I’m aware, it does have an integration available.