EngineContent/EngineMeshes/Sphere randomly spawning during matinee

Strange problem happening with 4.10 - I have a relatively simple matinee where Sphere from the title path spawns on certain locations. So far I have noticed two locations which always seem to look the exactly same, one is near scene center (but looks like it’s not exactly 0,0,0) and the other is somewhere high in the air. I tried removing objects from the scene, tried making a new supersimple matinee, but had no luck. Only way how I was able to find out which sphere it is, was by searching for all spheres and turning their shadow casting property off (the one in the air casts fantastic shadow into my scene :slight_smile: ).

Any ideas why could this be happening?

This is probably my mistake of some sorts. The project where I have this problem is quite stripped down and turns out the sphere is actually representing players character in some strange way (because I actually have no player character in the project). Still trying to figure it out, but it’s probably not a bug.

hi doC… I had the same issue, when I was using the ‘Blank’ template for a matinee… just like you possibly… and I was scratching my head for a bit.

I found that the easiest way to deal with it, is just to move the ‘player start’ out of the way of everything. The sphere will still spawn, but somewhere irrelevant. You may also find a few other things, including a camera, spawning on level start too. It hasn’t really been a problem, now that I’ve gotten to grips with Matinee… though I haven’t found the blueprint that controls all of this extra stuff (the level blueprint is empty)… but if someone knows how, feel free to chime in.

Hi, good to know it’s not a completely specific problem to my project. I’m not sure, but it’s very likely my project started as “blank”. I solved it by teleporting the player somewhere out of sight so it’s ok now.