Engine performance is low priority?

here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pXcF1fmmyk
yea it’s someway not correct, but still unreal engine loses performance for no notable visual improvement (especially if you don’t need it). and this is actually a real “anti marketing” for the engine. and is a big deal. is there someone who is responsible for overall performance of the engine/rendering? or what are the reason for fps degradation in newer versions? with such progression unreal engine will become literally unusable for games because you lose tons of performance for no real reason. not everyone is having a 3090 and it shouldn’t be a norm. and the new games like remnant 2 or immortals of aveum performing very poorly and it reflects on ue reputation. and you can find tons of thread/posts what performance in newer unreal versions is bad. i find it should be addressed and not just shipping new features every version. ue should be able to pump high fps if you don’t use anything fancy right now it does struggle with that (at least comparable to UE4).


You can easily tell the settings aren’t exactly the same since the colors are different between UE4/5. UE tends to have a lot of expensive features on by default and you need to properly profile to see what’s lowering performance.

any guides in that regard? i am not saying what ue5 has dogshit performance but users need to know what to tweak. usually what you can find is surface level and doesn’t explain the issues in depth.

If you want UE5 to behave similarly to UE4, I’d imagine that starts by disabling the next gen features: VSM, worldPartition, lumen, perhaps nanite, etc.

I find it interesting that people turn on UE5 and have a level of surprise that it runs worse than UE4, even though it has real-time GI, unlimited geometric detail, and 16K+ resolution shadow maps. I’m not saying this as a criticism, it just amuses me that expectations aren’t usually adjusted to accommodate these powerful (but expensive) systems.

So, set your GI method to none and your reflections to screen-space perhaps, change shadowing method to default shadow maps, and disable nanite. You could probably even just stick to the last-gen shader model and DX11, but you’re playing a fraught game there.

i think we need more accurate benchmarks and after pin the results so everyone can compare etc. and not guess whats wrong. with all settings posted maybe even minimal project files this would clarify a lot and you could send newbies to it.

The author claims, at least, that this is all the same settings per-version, lumen, et-al are disabled and it’s only for DX11.

There’s a reddit thread where he responds: Unreal Engine 5.3 DirectX 11 Performance Comparison (4.27.2 vs 5.0.3 vs 5.2.1 vs 5.3.0) : unrealengine

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