Engine freezes on actor spawn from editor

Hello everyone,

I have created a simple character with movement code which extends the Character class, and then created a blueprint based of it. And then I placed that blueprint in the map I made and whenever I try to hit Play, the engine freezes and raises it’s ram usage up to 4 gigs and up.

How do I solve this?

It could be a couple of things… but make sure you don’t have a player start and the player character blueprint out at the same time. This has been known to crash on occasion.

Also, you might want to get into the habit of testing with a standalone client rather then in the editor. This way if your game does crash you won’t have to worry about the editor itself stalling.

Try putting a player start in as well while removing the blueprint and trying it that way.

You don’t have additional code floating around somewhere or something in the BP class that could be causing this do you?

Yeah really useful to test it in standalone!

Tho, that was not the problem, I didn’t have player start, just the character, and it went black screen…

You can spawn the same class but you don’t really want to spawn a player class via blueprint in the world.

For AI it is fine (using a custom AI Controller) but it always crashes when it’s a player controlled BP.

Just tried it, same thing.

It works when there is no blueprint character in the level, but as soon as I add one… it freezes. That means I can’t spawn the same class…

I understand now, but how do I make it NON player controlled?

Maybe creating just a pawn?