Engine files won't recompile

So I’m barely scratching the surface of Unreal. What I’m trying to figure out is how different inherited classes affect my character. To do so, I put some log statements into Character.cpp and CharacterMovementComponent.cpp to see certain values from calls my character class was making back to them. However, the log statements weren’t showing up in the simulation. So I wrote purposely broken code in Character.cpp to see if the compiler would even notice it, and it didn’t. As far as I can tell, the engine compiled those files once and won’t touch them again.

Is there a way to force Unreal to recompile those engine files?

If it helps, I’m trying to see the values that get passed around when I call LaunchCharacter. I’m trying to create a dash function in my sidescroller, and LaunchCharacter is imparting this strange upward velocity even though the z axis of the vector I pass into the function has a 0 as the parameter.

Hello generallyjansen,

Are you using the version of the engine downloaded from our launcher or the version downloaded from GitHub that you built from source code itself? If you wish to edit the source, you’ll need to grab the GitHub version if that is not what you’re using.

Ahh that would be it. I’m just using the launcher version.
Is there no way of getting a deeper view into/control over the source code without using the GitHub code?

Good to know. I’ll probably extend the files, then, and have my character inherit from them to get an idea of what’s going on. Thanks for your help!

That is correct. Even if you did make one file writable, the rest of the code would be read only, along with the binaries so compiling the code would be impossible.