Engine Dropping Pointer References between Constructer and ::PostInitializeComponents() of same object

[Engine 4.9.2.]

Hi, I’m currently re-writing the strategy game from the project samples. The code builds and the BluePrint BeginPlay event does get called. However, during construction of key base classes, the reference pointer addresses get set to Null, between the Constructor and the ::PostInitializeComponents() of the same object (specifically the Buildings which require a specifically the AIDirector object).
When setting break points in the original StrategyGame at the exact same point, the Pointer addresses that are set in the Constructor of the AStrategyBuilding_Brewery and the AStrategyBuilding_Brewery::PostInitializeComponents(). This is long before BluePrints come into play.

Is this a Engine issue, or is there some special steps that are required for the Engine to work? All the execution logic that takes place after calling the constructor take place in Engine specific libraries: Class.cpp, World.cpp, UObjectBase.cpp

Below is the call to the constructor which shows the AIDirector creating the object and getting a valid reference:

The next call into the object is the ::PostInitializeComponents() which then shows that the AIDirector has no valid pointer:

Again, the original StrategyGame that was supplied works perfectly. And does retain the pointer reference at the exact same points of execution, so this leads me to believe I may have missed something in configuration.

Please help.

No worries. I had a class declared in a header file that was breaking the interpreter, but somehow correcting this resolved the issue.