Engine crashes when deleting procedural foliage spawner


I have a PFS covering a 16kmx16km terrain. I want to delete it in order to have different types of forests with varing trees. Im using World Composition. I deleted the PFS, but that was only for one level. I tried opening the whole terrain with all its levels (pretty demanding, but i got 16gb ram and 1070gtx). When I select the PFS it does not light up the placed forests, which it is supposed to do, the engine crashes when I delete it. Simply clicking on the forest merely highlights that levels PFS. Ive tried running on low graphics and disabled realtime. I dont want to delete 300 PFSs, as thats a,time consuming last resort, and Id like to know what to do if this occures again. The PFS is placed in the persistant level, as I wanted it to be unicversal. Any tips?

Summary: Engine crashes when deleting a procedural foliage spawner with the scale of 16000x16000, covering 300 levels of world composition. Can delete them individually, but need a quicker solution.


Update: I had to build 10k grass maps, maybe that’s the issue. I’ll update once this is over, but something’s telling me this isn’t the culprit.

I ended up just deleting the Kite trees, as I was going to replace them either way. I couldn’t find any other way, except to manually delete every single PFS, which I wasn’t in the mood for. Still looking for a solid way to make the selection of the PFS from the World Outliner actually highlight everything it’s simulating, and not just one level-tile.