Engine crashes, ShaderCompileError

Hello everyone,

I recently struggled get a self-built UE4 started up properly:

Now it seemed that copy and pasting folder from a colleague solved problem, but it turns out that it didn’t. Though I can start engine now, it regularily crashes whenever I try to edit materials or import assets. Sometimes it runs for a while, but it ultimately always shuts down, showing me an error message that “ShaderCompiler has stopped working”. I have no idea what could cause this, since I always followed instructions and read through pages of solution suggestions. Here’s what I tried so far:


Getting latest Visual Studio Framework

Installing latest Direct X11, from June 2010

Checking I’ve got latest Service Pack 1 for Windows

I’d be very grateful for any advice.

Thanks in advance,


Are you compiling from Master branch? If yes, make sure you recompile ShaderCompileWorker when you recompile Editor. Some changes went in during past few days that require both to be rebuilt together.

I haven’t yet succeeded in builting editor myself. solution to that problem was copy & pasting entire UE4 folder from my colleagues computer to mine. Everything’s fine on his system, so I suppose it has to be something system-specific. :frowning:

Ok, so you are not actually compiling from source code, but you’re using an Editor installation that you downloaded through Unreal Launcher?

I am compiling source code myself. Sorry, if I wasn’t clear about that. :slight_smile:

Or, right way to put it would be “I’ve tried to compile myself”. Whatever I tried, it always ended up showing error I now get in material editor on startup. What solved problem was copying and pasting UE4 folder from a colleague - who also compiled it himself, same way I did, only that for him it worked - on my system. :-/

Ok, do you also compile ShaderCompileWorker project? It has to be compiled separately, and it needs to be in sync with Editor code. If you get new code from GitHub, it is not enough to rebuild Editor. You also have to rebuild ShaderCompileWorker, because they share some code to talk to each other.

Yeah, we rarely make changes to ShaderCompiler anymore, so this is usually not necessary. But in past couple weeks or so we added some updates, so Editor and ShaderCompilerWorker get out of sync. We always forget to rebuild it, too, because it’s rarely needed :slight_smile:

Anyway, let me know if that solved problem, thanks!

Okay, that could be a problem. I didn’t realize that has to be done. I’ll try it out as soon as I can and post results here. Thanks for your help so far!

hello I had installed unreal engine 4.11 without launcher and I got this error. What should I do?


Hi mgj,

error you’re getting appears to be unrelated to this post. Please post a new question in Installation & Setup section with this information and we can go from there. Thank you.