Engine crashes if NavMesh Volumes and Landscape Holes occupy the same area

We have a pretty large open world, and we use Landscape Holes for caves/dungeons. The issue is that having a NavMesh Volume over a hole in the landscape causes crashes in PIE once the Nav Invoker (NPC) gets near the hole. As soon as we remove the hole in the landscape, it no longer crashes.

This is holding back progress on our project quite a bit, as we have to find workarounds, and potentially change entire areas to allow the AI to work.

Hey Zaldir,

I’ve attempted to reproduce this as well, but I’m not seeing the same results.

Are you using more than one Nav Mesh, by chance? Do you have any more information regarding your setup? Have you made any specific alterations other than using a pawn with a navigation invoker?

Hey Zaldir,

I believe we’ve covered this in your other topic, so I’m going to go ahead and mark this one as resolved. Please refer to the issue linked below for further information regarding this issue.