Engine crash in 8x8Km map

Made a map with a landscape of 8x8km and placed it in a cornr of the origin in the map, after that my character read the normals from the ground aka landscape, my character is a normla character pawn that align to the ground, after enable the multiplayer and non multiplayer World Origin Rebasing, at try to spawn more or less at 1km height and 4km from the origin or 6km from origin of the map using the spawn in the camera location the engine crash

And after that the engine is reporting wrong normals or doing false cals at far away distances. Even with that enabled.

Hey ,

I am going to need either steps to reproduce this issue in a new blank project, or you can provide me with project to test on my end.

You have told me how you get the issue to occur, and a rough outline of the things you are doing, but I need specific steps or a project in order to move forward with the bug reporting process.

Let me know if you have more questions.