Enemy Character is pushed around with sword.

I’m currently making a VR game where you can hit an enemy with a sword/mace. The Enemy is a child of ACharacter. When I hit the Enemy, its like I can just push him around with my sword.

This is obviously incorrect but I’m trying to think of a way to make hitting the enemy make sense; by either just slash through or perhaps have the sword/mace bounce back with recoil? What are your thoughts and what might I be doing wrong?

You should set the collision response of the sword mesh component (or whatever collision primitive it uses) to Overlap against type Pawn.

Engine collision always picks the path of least resistance, so that should be enough to prevent enemy from moving.
Your sword should now slash through enemies while triggering overlap events. Use these overlap events to apply reactions (animations, knockback, recoil).

For improved realism, you might want to use complex collision on character mesh to collide with sword, while ignoring capsule collision. To achieve that, you might have to define a custom object type for the sword. Set the sword mesh ObjectType to the new type, then you can set the character’s capsule collision response to “ignore” the sword type, while setting character’s mesh collision response to “overlap” the sword type.

Thank you for this response! This is very helpful, thank you.