Endless Runner Game Prototype Issue.

Hi,there,I have found out this set of vids on youtube, it taught you how to build a endless running game prototype.
I follow the video’s step try start building the same scene.
However, I found some issue.
My running course every time spawn normally.
However my running character is not spawning at all.
Is there any wrong with my buleprint settings???
How come his blue print can build without any issue??
Is it because engine update??
How am I gonna fix it???
Here are some of my blue prints and the original video posted by unreal on youtube.

BP_Floor Tile---Event Graph.pngBP_Floor Tile---GetAttachTransform.pngRunGameMode --Event graph.pngRunGameMode--Add Floor Tile.png

For a quick look, they all look fine.

Have you deleted Player Start Point?

I just did this and works fine

er… no I didnt.

I have 2 level created in the project,
1st is the one that I build all my character’s movement
2nd is the spawning course
In the second level, I have a Player Starter Point inside ,

Would you mind sharing your project with me?
Or are you planning on selling this??

What’s your character’s movement Blueprint and course spawning blueprint??
Could you post it here??

I can share it.

Character BP go between levels, so that should not be the issue.

Movement and spawning.

I can a Vid, but I have added stuff, just not sure what I added.

Give me a bit/


I think that is the code


oh.,… i just PMed you…i thought you mean money…lel
sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I gonna check it out later.
If I have any questions, I will post it here later.

Thank you!

Btw,I am planning on upgrading my PC, what graphic card should I choose to buy in order to make it can last for at least 4,5 years?
I am currently using a GTX660. Plus Nvidia is better for me I guess, coz im gonna build a Hackintosh with it.
Which one you think I should buy?? Or the GTX 660 is good enough for building games and some architecture visualization stuff in UE4.

I just upgraded to 750gtx ti.

Would like higher 800+

Run your system on 3d Mark and see what comes out, I will tell you my score, so you got a gauge


Here is my score.
Im gonna sleep now, reply you tomorrow,Im here at China.

Beat me, so A new graphics card will server you well.


Thanks for the help!
If I have anything unsure I will post again~

Hi, yesterday I tried another time. This time the character still cannot move.,
I uploaded a vid to youtube,.
You can go see which part I did it wrong.,[video][/video]

HI Mate, looks all good

I have modified mine, but if I take the modifications, it seems correct.

Can you double check the Walk settings in your character?


I might of got it.

Take your PawnBP out of the level and put in a Player Start instead.

Also check walk settings


I just delete the runcharacter and re-put it in the level, and it works fine.,
It just that I have to press F8 every time in order to have the correct 3rd person view, instead of viewing the scene from above.

And I tried a few times more, this time I deleted the original blue character in the scene , and replace it with the ‘player start’ , this time works fine .
But still I have to press F8 manually after the game started to get into the scene, otherwise I just viewing it from above, and the character does not even show up.
Here is the footage.


Do you know why??? Seems bizarre to me…:confused:

By the way, are you using mac or windows???
UE4 on mac , is it good???
Any devs around you using mac for building games on UE4???
Just curious.


I you simulate, your character is not spawned, that is why he does not show up.

Play the game, do not simulate.


er… how to play??? I only know this button…a150e220125f07932cbfc9f183e5bf8cbc312a75.jpeg