Encoding Data into a Greyscale Texture

I would like to encode Data into several bits of an uncompressed Greyscale Texture and use it in my material:

0b00001111 = TileID (0-15)
0b00110000 = PaletteID (0-3)
0b01000000 = SubPaletteID (0-1)

Since Textures are sampled to floats, I am not sure how I could extract this data out of the texture.

Check this thread: How to place single GPU particles at specified locations? - Unreal Engine Forums

Before Phoboz’ awesome point cloud plugin, the only way (that I’m aware of at least) to import point clouds was to read float values on an imported HDR that correllated to XYZ coordinates.

There’s discussion somewhere in the thread about using MATLAB to generate the texture and the project linked at the top of the page I linked above will have the blueprint graphs for reading the values from the HDR texture.

Good luck!

Thanks for the answer, but it isn’t that easy.
I don’t really want to extract the values themselves.
My greyscale value is subdivided into 3 parts (as shown above) and I want to have it represent something in the material. Otherwise I would need to use three different textures.
It would be ideal If I could have them as ints (or even bytes) instead of floats (then I could mask it and bitshift it) in the material